Foodie Friday | PB & J Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Happy 4th of July! Today’s recipe is somewhat patriotic looking with the red & blue berries and if you add some coconut flakes we’ve got the entire US of A  color scheme accounted for. The other day I had nothing in the fridge and didn’t think this week was worth grocery shopping since I’d being going home for the holiday. I woke up starving for breakfast and wanted to eat rather than drink my smoothie so I took my smoothie ingredients and made these tacos instead. This is so simple, refreshing, and light. It requires no equipment and very few ingredients.

-Romain Leaves or Collard Greens 
-Berries (organic frozen of fresh) 
-Nut Butter of Choice (May Favorites are Pumpkin Seed or Hemp Seed) 
-Optional Add-ins: coconut flakes, sea salt, cinnamon etc. 

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I’m In The Hot Seat

Happy Friday WW-Land. Thought I’d share this video where I’m in the hot seat, a contrast to the norm of WWRadio each week. Enjoy. See you Monday for Meanderings!

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My Top 5 Oils For Beauty & Health

Today’s video I share my top 5 favorite oils for natural beauty and health. These oils are rockstars not only, in the kitchen but in the bathroom as well. Try them out and let me know your thoughts. Remember just like with diet , we are all so different so these oils may not work for you like they do for me so use this video as inspiration to find what to try. Here are links to where you can buy the Top 5 I discuss.

1. Hemp Oil

2. Neem Oil

3. Castor Oil

4. Macadamia Nut Oil

5. Coconut Oil

Other videos I mention in this video…

My video on growing eyelashes. 

Posts about oil pulling in Wonderland!

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Sleep in Wellness Wonderland | 4 Tips From My Bed

I hope you enjoyed sleep week as much as I did. Today I share from my bed, 4 tips to make your sleep even more awesome. Sweet dreams & see you next week. 

-Here’s the link to the alarm clock I mention.

-Here’s my podcast episode with Shawn all about how to Sleep Smarter.

-Here are my top 11 Sleep resources.

-My top tips for when you wake up late.

- & all my Sleep Week posts.

Goodnight and sleep WELL!

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GET INTO WW STATE (of mind, body, & soul)

Tony Robbins often discusses changing our state or ‘getting into state’ for peak performance. I agree and think he’s onto something here.  We should to do this prior to a speaking enragement, interview or even a big date. It is simply tuning inward and connecting to your body & mind for optimal performance in any given situation. Listen to him discuss this with queen Oprah here. My way of cultivating this “state” is a bit different but equally as important and effective. In today’s video I teach you how to get into Wellness Wonderland state through visualization and tell you where my mental Wellness Wonderland is. Watch then video and them comment below to tell me yours!

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