It’s that time of year. There’s lots of icky stuff going around, so heal or protect yourself whatever the case may be with this powerful yet healing tonic. This drink is super simple and will heal the flu or prevent you from getting it altogether! Or just have it everyday to warm up!

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Also, something I’ve been doing to really boost my immunity and promote both liver and skin health is working in MSM (great for joint health as well as skin health, pull heavy metals out) and Camu Camu (super duper high in vitamin C which is amazing for skin health) everyday. Since they don’t taste the best I like to just take them as a shot, and I’ve been adding them to my liver cleansing shot of lemon and olive oil. I instagrammed it this week and people loved it. Here’s what you do:


Glowing Skin, Liver Supporting, Flu Preventing Super Shot of the Week Recipe:

-1/4 tsp MSM

-1/2 tsp camu camu

-1 tbsp olive oil

- half a lemon

-1 tbsp water

It will be strong so take as shot then follow with warm water with lemon or drink in the video above! Good luck! Bottoms up y’all!

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