Hope you’re having a lovely weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! This has always been my favorite holiday. I look forward to February because this is the holiday that gets me through the winter.  Sadly, I’ve been away all week long (it was such a busy week!) but regardless of how busy from now on, I’m making time to update. Also, please know we are just getting started with our categories and a blogroll, plus links to my instagram and pinterest and all that are coming very soon! In the meantime, here are my two festive pin boards. What are you doing this weekend? Hopefully something romantic? I love you if you are reading this and please enjoy these meager meanderings from the web as an early valentine.

I love…

…Madrid. Beautiful Madrid photography that makes me want to go back, but not as great as the photos my best friend Abbey took while we were there, Moore about Abbey to come in a future post, but for now enjoy her website!

…simple elegant jewelry. These understated romantic Morse Code message necklaces and bracelets are the modern locket.

…NYC.  This video is amazing in every single way! I want to live there more than ever.

… One Lucky Duck. I love everything about this brand. Looking for some chocolate?

…vegan desserts. Top twenty vegan Valentine’s desserts via Chocolate Covered Katie.

…Audrey. It’s no secret I love Audrey, what would she be like today? 

… design done right.  Like when this guy does it and these cool album covers are pretty lovely.

…warm tea. Can I interest you in a marshmallow tea latte? Or perhaps some homemade earl grey milk jam?

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