Let’s pretend it’s a Monday & meander a little

{photo via Coco + Kelley}

’tis the season for film…

Cool documentary on the New York Times

Actually pretty excited for this movie, but not as much as this one…the Gatsby anticipation is killing me. My favorite director directs my all time favorite book! OMG!

Roman Coppola’s newest movie trailer! I love love love the typography in this!

…and a cool French Revolution movie – hmm… you know how I love a good French Revolution flick

Holidays are around the corner…

Tips to beat the holiday stress this year

I sure do love a good Advent Calendar 

build your own perfect winter soup!

cheap but cute holiday dresses 

& check out these miscellaneous cool things…

Apparently the dinner party is becoming an endangered species let’s bring it back!

Best kiss ever

Airplane classroom??? I want to go to school here! so cool!

14 things to do on your lunch break everyday!

 Two great people 

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