Monday Meanderings



Mindful Eating – great relatable article & a video for mindful eating at holiday parties.

Making beds video.

Whatever holiday you celebrate…here are so many great holiday recipes from my (soon-to-be) nutrition school’s blog.

Eat your way to amazing skin!

50 shades of Kale! ha!

I want to eat this on Christmas morning!

Might make this as my dish to pass for Christmas…think it will be a hit, but my fam’s a tough crowd! here are all my ideas.

Our Boy Meets World friends are still friends.

There’s our favorite couple! congrats!

Infographic on misunderstood words.

She’s so cool she can meditate anywhere!

OMG I sound like her a bit, so funny!! remember these, too?

One piece three ways.

Candied {healthy} pumpkin seeds.


the new blog is coming SO SOON! I promise! 

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