I think this little pregnant belly post is adorable!

7 Foods a Nutritionist would never eat and why you shouldn’t either!

We were born to love

Cute things for summer!

3 power packed breakfast recipes!

I think this is so cool! Check out your birthday!! Mine was eerily accurate!

Yoga pant info!

She is so pretty!!! A 74 year old raw vegan who looks younger than me!

Yum I want to crash this picnic!

7 things about being a yoga teacher that no one says out loud

I love this nostalgic post!

Healthy strawberry oak milk anyone?

Some rad super foods even I didn’t know about!

Love this detox tea for long overnight flights!

Who wants a protein shake?

Bring mindfulness into the kitchen!

Going to Paris?


Healthy Birthday Cake recipe!

Hello Sunshine phone case!


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