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10 Best Under Desk Elliptical Reviews

Ellipticals are powerful, low-impact cardio machines that need a reasonable workout floor space. These exercise equipment needed scheduled time and patience to work with them. Since most people live a sedentary lifestyle at work and home, under-desk ellipticals were designed to ensure fitness enthusiasts never miss out on their exercise routines and fitness goals.

A major selling point for these under-desk ellipticals is their size and portability. They also offer significant tension levels to trainers looking for more intense workouts while sitting or standing. In addition, the machines are designed to deliver lower body muscular endurance to improve circulation, burn calories, and tone different muscle groups.

Best Under-Desk Elliptical

To help you get started with which under-desk to settle with, the article reviews the top under-desk elliptical machine and also a buying guide to highlight the factors to look out for when buying one.

Ready? Let’s get started!

How To Choose The Best Under Desk Ellipticals

To get the best under-desk ellipticals, you must consider these five factors. They are the primary features a good low-profile elliptical machine should have.


The whole idea of buying an under the desk elliptical machine is to have a fitness machine that’ll fit easily under a desk or be small enough to relocate.

For example, a good low-profile elliptical machine would fit underneath a table and allow vertical space for leg movement. 

The same goes for weight. You wouldn’t want a low-profile elliptical machine that you wouldn’t be able to lift on your own. It should not be heavy but sturdy enough to hold up your weight.

Build & Design

Unlike other space-saving ellipticals, under-desk ellipticals come in compact, portable design that makes them have a small footprint. These machines are designed with carrying handles for easy lifting and relocation.

These carry handles are either significantly large handles centrally located on the frame or hand pockets for lifting the machine. Whichever the design, there must be a carry handle for easy relocation.

A multi-function digital monitor is located on the machine’s surface to help trainers track RPM, time, calories burned and monitor workout data.

Additional key features included in some under-desk elliptical machines include a phone holder, resistance bands for upper body workout, large anti-slip pedals, straps, and floor grips.


The construction material of the under-desk elliptical should be strong enough to guarantee a longer lifespan. Although many under-desk ellipticals are designed to be used from a seated position, you can find standing desk ellipticals that allow workouts for both sitting and standing.

Therefore, the construction material must be able to withstand the recommended weight of the user.

Maximum Weight Capacity

Under desk ellipticals are not designed to hold as much weight limit as standard ellipticals. Since many are seated under-desk elliptical bikes, they often come with an average maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. Therefore, ensure to check the weight capacity before buying any under-desk elliptical.

Magnetic Resistance Levels

Although designed to give users an easy go-to exercise machine, under-desk ellipticals also come with multiple resistance levels of 8 settings. An adjustable knob or lever is designed on the frame to adjust to the required resistance level.

These machines may not offer high-intensity workouts but can give you the needed workout performance with its 8-setting resistance.

List Of The Top 3 Best Under Desk Elliptical

Cubii JR1
Cubii JR1
  • Model Name: JR1 Aqua
  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • 8 resistance level ups
  • Whisper-Quiet mini elliptical
  •  Tracking display for calories burned, strides pedaled and distance traveled
  • Portable under desk elliptical
  • Maximum weight: 250 Pounds 
  • Item dimensions: 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches
  • Item weight: ‎12.5Kg
Stamina InMotion E1000
Stamina InMotion E1000
  • Model Name:  E1000
  • Portable, Quiet and Efficient design
  • Adjustable tension dial
  • Multi-function monitor
  • Forward or reverse motion
  • Textured pedals
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Smart fitness App included
  • Maximum weight: 250 Pounds 
  • Item dimensions: 24.5 x 17 x 11.4 inches
  • Item weight: ‎‎24 Pounds
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872
  • Material: Steel
  • Belt drive magnetic resistance
  • 8 Levels of resistance
  • Low profile elliptical design
  • Portable design
  • Multifunctional digital monitor
  • Textured non-slip foot pedals
  • Item Dimensions:  ‎24 x 19 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: ‎25 Pounds

10 Best Under Desk Elliptical Machine Reviews

Cubii Jr - Best Under Desk Elliptical 2022
  • LCD monitor
  • Whisper-quiet motion
  • 8 adjustable resistance settings
  • Connect to Cubii Studio+
  • Non-slip pedals

Cubii was introduced into the fitness world as the first under-desk elliptical. The JR was designed to give fitness enthusiasts a way to burn calories and boost energy while seated.

The JR1 comes with features that would allow trainers to add more strides while performing other tasks. The machine’s LCD displays time, rotations per minute, distance, and estimated calories burned. It has a low profile and is easy to relocate.

Cubii JR1 Summary

As the first low-profile elliptical, it delivers on its promise to offer easy exercise to trainers. Rather than stay sedentary most of the day, the Cubii JR1 provides an opportunity to add more strides to your day and burn unwanted calories. Choose between the eight resistance levels to adjust workout intensity. 

It has a footprint of 23.15 x 17.56 x 10 inches (LxWxH) and a maximum weight recommendation of 250 pounds.

  • Portable and compact design
  • Eight levels of magnetic resistance
  • Whisper-quiet motion
  • Access to Cubii Studio+
  • Easy to assemble
  • No backlight on the LCD screen
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Stamina - Mini Elliptical Machine
  • Multifunctional digital monitor
  • Adjustable tension
  • Textured pedals
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Smart fitness app

The Stamina InMotion 55-1610 offers trainers more flexibility in moving and using a low-profile elliptical. Trainers can choose to sit or stand when using the machine. This mini elliptical machine also allows for both forward and reverses movement during workouts. 

It is a compact, portable elliptical machine that helps trainers improve their cardiovascular health and burn calories with zero stress to the joints. Stay connected to the all-in-one smart coaching app, müüv. You can easily download the app from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Stamina InMotion 55-1610 Elliptical Summary

The Stamina InMotion 55-1610 comes in a compact, lightweight design with sturdy steel. It has a total weight of 24 pounds. This makes it remarkably easy to relocate. It fits perfectly in any area and requires little space for storage. It has a footprint of 24.5 x 17 x 11.4 inches (LxWxH) and can support a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Different workout motions
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • Connection to müüv smart cloud fitness app
  • Adjustable tension
  • 1-year frame warranty
  • Short stride for tall trainers
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 - Standing Desk Elliptical
  • 8 adjustable magnetic resistance settings
  • Digital monitor
  • Carry handle
  • Glide wheels
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Feet only function

Sunny Health & Fitness has been in the elliptical game for far too long to back out from creating a low-profile elliptical with features to rival any competition. The SF-E3872 is offered to trainers looking to increase their daily strides and stay active even during sedentary hours.

It has a portable design and an additional handle feature for easy relocation. It has a digital display that helps you see stats like your distance, speed, time, and calories burned.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 Elliptical Summary

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 is one of the best under-desk ellipticals because it allows trainers of all ages to increase daily strides easily. Its portable size makes it fit into and under any space.

It has a footprint of 24 x 19 x 11 inches (LxWxH) and weighs only 25 pounds. A centrally located carry handle is designed on the machine to ensure safe relocation above the digital display monitor. No limit is given for its recommended weight capacity.

  • Low profile, portable design
  • Centrally located carry handle
  • 8 adjustable magnetic levels of resistance
  • Digital display monitor
  • Non-slip foot pedals
  • 2 years structural frame warranty
  • No backlight on LCD
DeskCycle - Best Under Desk Elliptical Machine
  • 6-function LCD screen
  • 8 magnetic resistance settings
  • Non-slip pedals
  • Precision flywheel
  • Sturdy construction

Are you stuck at your desk for long hours and looking for a way to increase your daily walks? DeskCycle Ellipse is one of the top under-desk ellipticals that allows you to burn calories, improve your cardio health, and clock more daily strides.

The design is a simple, lightweight construction that’s easy to use and assemble. The digital monitor allows you to keep up with your progress by tracking calories burned, strides pedaled, and distance traveled.

DeskCycle Elliptical Summary

The DeskCycle Ellipse is a lightweight, compact elliptical that’s easy to use and delivers a whisper-quiet motion during workouts. Trainers can use the machine in the comfort of their home or office, which wouldn’t disturb or take much space. 

It is designed with dimensions of 23 x 18 x 10 inches (LxWxH). You can manually adjust between 8 settings of resistance to get your ideal workout tension. It has no maximum weight capacity listed.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Easy to assemble
  • Large, textured pedals
  • Whisper-quiet motion
  • No adjustable height feature
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
ANCHEER - Best Under Desk Elliptical For Home & Office Gym
  • Portable design
  • Remote control
  • Auto & manual modes
  • Multi-function LCD monitor
  • Large anti-slip pedals

The ANCHEER Under Desk comes in a sleek design that makes it stand out in any space. This remote-controlled elliptical has a portable design with an easy-to-hold design for carrying the machine.

In addition, it comes with an auto and manual mode to give trainers options on how they’ll want to control their workouts. As a low-profile elliptical, it can be used at home, office, or outdoors.

ANCHEER AMA005563 Summary

ANCHEER is a credible fitness brand with several products and models in the market. Their low-profile elliptical ticks all the boxes in functionality and delivers excellent lower body workouts.

To give trainers total control, it features two modes with remote control. The lightweight and portable design make it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

  • Portable design
  • Front-wheel and stable frame
  • Remote control
  • Two-modes remote controlled
  • Enhanced multi-function LCD monitor
  • 1-year warranty
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
Bionic Body NS-1009 - Compact Under Desk Elliptical
  • Transport handle
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Textured pedals
  • Fitness monitor
  • Tension control
  • Heavy-duty resistance tubes

Bionic Body delivers a unique low-profile elliptical design than what has been reviewed so far. The elliptical offers seating and standing movement options and an upper body workout with its heavy-duty resistance tube feature.

Its adjustable pedal height and resistance settings can be reduced and increased to conform to the needs of trainers at any given time.

Bionic Body NS-1009 Elliptical Summary

If you’re looking for a low-profile elliptical that can still guarantee an upper body workout, then the Bionic Body NS-1009 is for you. Trainers can switch from a sitting to a standing position, as an elliptical to a stepper, to better target muscle groups.

The machine is easy to relocate with a sturdy transport handle and only a weight of 37 pounds to contend with. In addition, it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Use the heavy-duty resistance tubes to target muscle groups on the upper body as you work your lower body muscles.

  • Compact elliptical design
  • 2-in-1 fitness machine; elliptical and stepper
  • Transport handle
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance lever
  • Heavy-duty resistance tubes
  • 2 years limited warranty
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
ORBITREK MX - Motorized Under Desk Elliptical Machine
  • Large, anti-s pedals
  • Digital fitness monitor
  • Remote control
  • Sleek, compact design
  • 8 electric exercise options
  • Whisper-quiet motion

When you think of a workout made easy, ORBITREK MX is one to pop into your mind. It takes away the boredom and over-scheduling out of workout routines.

Feel like watching the TV or have so much paperwork to cover? This elliptical machine allows you to multitask by achieving both worlds. It helps you burn calories, stay active, and improve blood circulation; you can count on it to improve your mood, balance, and sleep.

ORBITREK MX Elliptical Summary

The ORBITREK MX promises and delivers in its ease of use. It offers basic features available on any of these low-profile machines.

However, it comes with a remote control to make it easy for trainers to sit back and take control of the machine’s workout options. It can be used anywhere since it operates with a whisper-quiet motion. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

  • Whisper-quiet motion
  • Super low-impact workout
  • Digital LED fitness monitor
  • Compact and portable design
  • 8 workout options
  • Plastic material is not too durable
  • Intensity not for expert-level trainers
SITFIT - Best Seated Elliptical
  • Control panel
  • Textured pedals
  • 5-speed levels
  • Motorized manual and auto control
  • Transport handle

The SITFIT Elliptical is suitable for everyone, irrespective of age and lifestyle. It has 5 workout speeds to cater to all workout intensities. It’s easy to assemble and use and will fit perfectly under any desk. It has a control panel on the surface of its frame and a remote holder to keep the remote when not in use safely.

SITFIT Under Desk Elliptical Summary

The SITFIT Elliptical is designed for home and office use. It has a total weight of 16 pounds and is made from lightweight material. This makes it easy to relocate and store. The elliptical comes fully assembled and is almost ready to use once unpackaged.

  • Compact elliptical design
  • Remote control
  • Bi-directional, 5-speed levels
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • No Bluetooth
  • 90-day warranty 
LifePro - Best Portable Under Desk Elliptical
  • 8 adjustable resistance settings
  • Carrying handle
  • Adjustable fitness screen
  • Yoga resistance bands
  • Cell phone holder

Under desk ellipticals became popular because they’re easy to use, burn calories, tone muscles, and do not take up significant floor space. This LifePro machine offers all of these and much more. For a full-body workout experience, it comes with two resistance bands.

LifePro Elliptical Summary

Like most top low-profile ellipticals, the LifePro Elliptical comes almost fully assembled. To complete the setup, you’ll have to attach the pedals. Its low, portable design makes it a perfect fit for under the desk workouts with enough clearance for leg movement

Power through its adjustable 8 resistance settings to set your required workout tension. In addition, it comes with two resistance bands to help you achieve upper body workouts. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 220 pounds.

  • Compact and portable design
  • Adjustable fitness screen
  • Customizable body position
  • 8 magnetic resistance settings
  • Pedal straps & wheel stoppers
  • No Marketplace Apps
  • Short strides
N\A MK-8001 - Best Under Desk Elliptical Trainer
  • 8 resistance settings
  • Digital display monitor
  • Large, textured pedals
  • Transport wheels
  • Resistance control knob

The MK-8001 is portable enough to fit into any space and powerful enough to give trainers the perfect lower-body workout experience. It comes with 8 adjustable resistance levels for users to adjust workout intensities.

It comes with a handle for easy relocation and positioning. A digital display monitor is placed on the top of the frame for trainers to monitor workout performance easily.

N \ A MK-8001 Under Desk Elliptical Summary

The MK-8001 gives trainers a range of workout tensions with resistance levels. While they sit or stand, trainers can use this elliptical to improve circulation and muscle toning.

The elliptical can be relocated and used in little spaces with a total weight of 31 lbs and a footprint of 22 X 11.2 X 11.8 inches (LxWxH). It has a user weight limit of 220 pounds.

  • Compact elliptical design
  • Portable handle
  • 8 resistance settings
  • Digital performance monitor
  • Anti-slip base & transport wheels
  • The product doesn't come assembled
  • Screen not backlit


1. Does under desk elliptical machine have an auto mode?

Yes, they do. Some come with motorized manual and auto mode options to allow users to set interval training workouts. Most under-desk ellipticals with auto mode come with a remote control so trainers can sit back and switch between modes.

2. Does the under-desk elliptical allow for both forward and backward striding?

Yes, it does. Most under-desk ellipticals allow forward and backward striding to improve workout performance and motion. However, before buying these low-profile elliptical, it’s best to check that it allows for bi-directional movement.

3. How many resistance levels does the under-desk bike have?

Under desk ellipticals come with 8 levels of resistance. These levels are easily adjustable with a resistance knob on the machine’s frame. Trainers can increase workout intensity by increasing the resistance levels.


Under desk elliptical machines are a great way to stay active while sitting. Its design makes it a perfect fit for home or office use. It is designed with 8 adjustable levels of resistance to cater to the tension levels of different trainers.

Additionally, a display monitor helps keep track of calories burned, workout data, and performance, so you know your level of progress while on the machine.

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