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Coaching with Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher’s approach to personal training combines over 15 years of experience, more than 1000+ clients, and collaboration with the leading experts in the media field. After opening the exclusive personal training gym in 2007, Mathew has become one of the most recognized physical trainers in the industry. The roster of clients he has worked with has been transformative with his training.

Responsible for honing most of the physiques in fashion, sport, film, and music, Matthew is the industry name anyone calls upon to receive advice, training, and guaranteed results. His primary goal is to be Fitter and Stronger.

The gym in Missouri by Matthews is dedicated to personal training and allows the clients to be taken through individual fitness programs in a highly equipped environment.


The coaching session starts with a detailed analysis of each client’s body and mental health. And wellbeing through physical fitness testing, composition analysis, and a complete dietary evaluation to establish your body’s current status.

And the possibility to set clear goals and timelines to get to your preferred destination. To achieve the guaranteed results, we thoroughly plan around real-time data and guide you to use optimum wearable tech for work rate, sleep routine, critical heart performance data, CGM sugar monitoring sensors, and other main measures.

Our goal is to make a client’s body extremely efficient, increase muscle responsiveness, reduce inflammation, and improve longevity, performance, and energy.

Our coaching team works directly under our Cheif coach Matthew Fletcher to ensure that the training plan for every client is designed and delivered with the complete goal in mind.

How It Works


Onboarding: While signing up, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to help us understand your goals, daily lifestyle, and preferences.

Training Program: After gathering your information, you’ll receive your bespoke training workout program.

Meal Plan: We’ll send you a calculated customized meal plan based on your calories and macronutrients for your goals with a complete recipe and shopping list.

Exceeding Fitness: Apart from physical training and bodybuilding, we also set and track your mental health status and habits, such as intaking water, intermittent fasting, and meditation sessions.

Client Testimonials

Katie Owen

Katie Owen

“I’m currently following the shredding program composed by Matthew, and I have to say I’m stunned by the outcomes in both muscle and size within a few months.

Elton George

Elton George

“There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, they say,” And that’s how I found my coach Matthew Fletcher. Since my first session, I’ve continued to make good progress with the help of Fletcher’s program.

It’s undoubtedly the best progress I’ve had compared to random programs from the internet. Fletcher is very open and approachable. I’ve felt more comfortable asking him any queries regarding lifting or even mental health. And he never refused or hesitated to clear my doubts which is great!.

Thanks, Fletcher!



During my school days, I was teased for being overweight. I tried different diet plans; even sitting on the bike at the gym for more than an hour per day was the best I could do to lose my body weight during my teenage.

Then my friend and I had sessions with every coach. Finally, we met Matthew. We didn’t even step into the gym in our first two sessions. After our regular food habits, he was unwilling to start our training until we proved that we could make significant changes to our nutrition and that health is always the priority for his clients.

He explained everything we needed to know about our diet and how we were being counterproductive with our goals by eating so poorly. The biggest thing we have learned through these sessions with Matthew was the nutrition side of things.

My major goal was to go to university with a flat stomach and more self-confidence. I would 100% recommend Matthew for personal training, weightlifting, and weight loss without any hesitance.

Mark Sheppard

Mark Sheppard

Want to be coached by one of the best?

How about a 5-time national qualifier in NPC USA Championships Men’s Bodybuilding competitions and an occasional powerlifter and all-around fitness enthusiast?

“I was totally in my grief state, as my body weight was close to 350lbs and regularly got body-shamed by my pals. Matthew built me a tailored diet plan and a workout schedule when I contacted him.

Within three months from my first session, I have lost almost 130lbs, and I’ve seen tremendous gains in my technical proficiency, power, and flexibility.

Matthew was always on hand to answer my questions and regularly helped me out when we were in the gym at the same time. He shows great enthusiasm in coaching you and certainly keeps me motivated.

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew is a fully qualified fitness trainer specializing in weight management and strength training. He is a certified trainer with more than 15 years of training experience. He uses his technical know-how's with his passion for fitness to provide thoughtful curation of objective exercise equipment reviews. His insightful reviews will help you find the best fitness product for the price.

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