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How to Lose Weight on an Elliptical Machine

Losing weight while working out on your elliptical trainer takes time and effort. Some might even wonder “Is elliptical good for weight loss?” Well, combining a healthy diet and various high-intensity workouts will definitely help you achieve your body goals faster.

Most ellipticals come with moveable handlebars with various resistance levels and inclines, striving to make your workout sessions more comfortable and effective.

How to lose weight on elliptical

Some tricks and tips efficiently help you maximize your weight loss results and your good workout time. It should include ensuring the right posture and body form, being consistent, staying focused and motivated, increasing your resistance levels and incline regularly, and undergoing HIIT fitness workouts.

This article relays in detail these techniques as well as the simple mistakes you could easily make that hinder your fitness results and how you can fix these to increase your weight loss.

How To Lose Weight On Elliptical – Tips & Tricks

Tricks To Lose Weight On Elliptical

Keep Your Feet Flat

Ellipticals are equipped with features that simulate the natural gait of walking or running. This, in turn, helps you lose weight and build your upper and lower body.

Paying attention to your feet’ balance on the elliptical pedals helps work your muscles from your foot, calves, thighs, hips, and upwards. You can burn more calories when you have good form and build more muscles as you keep pace with your resistance levels.

Tricks To Lose Weight On Elliptical - Keep Your Feet Flat

The elliptical workout requires you to push through your entire foot, including your foot’s heel. This activates leg muscles essential for burning calories and losing weight while building the appropriate muscles in your lower body. The faster you pedal on your elliptical, the more calories you burn, which also results in burning belly fat.

Ellipticals help to maximize your workout routine effectively. Ensuring your feet posture (keeping your feet flat on the pedals) on your elliptical gives you adequate balance and achieves the most results from your workout session.

Sometimes you aren’t conscious of using the tips of your toes and raising your heels while exercising on your elliptical. This majorly cuts down your calorie burn and slows down your weight loss process. It also puts on necessary pressure on your knees, which is harmful.

So paying full attention to your feet and general body form while working out on your ellipticals is essential. Indeed maintaining proper posture and balance helps tone your body by burning calories and fat, resulting in maximum body weight reduction.

Swing Your Arms

Tricks To Lose Weight On Elliptical - Swing Your Arms

While working out on your elliptical, it can be very tempting to use the arm rails as support. Sometimes you might unconsciously exercise without focusing on working out other parts of your body, including your arms. You should pay attention to pushing and pulling your arms instead of using them for support or balance on your elliptical.

Using the CrossFit trainers’ handlebars intently on your workouts helps you engage your entire body. Doing this helps build your body and arm muscles as you swing your arms, which tones up your back, shoulder, and core.

Correct body positioning is key to getting a great workout on your elliptical. And using the moving handlebars helps to increase the intensity of your elliptical workout for weight loss.

Increasing The Resistance Level

An important aspect of reducing weight on CrossFit trainers involves your elliptical resistance level. Most ellipticals are equipped with combinations of resistance grades from 20 and above. The fact is, the higher the resistance level, the more intense the elliptical machine workouts, and an intense workout session burns more calories and body fat.

You should avoid lapsing into complacency while working out on your elliptical, and you can do this by increasing the levels of resistance. Gradually increase the resistance level, matching your pace while feeling each tension you’re working against.

Tricks To Lose Weight On Elliptical - Increasing The Resistance Level

If you can’t cope with the intensity, you can try moving it up and down at different working intervals. This helps you gradually get used to the workout flow while also helping your body recover.

Elliptical trainers can recreate the natural running experience, which provides a higher impact on building muscles by increasing your workout intensity with low-impact strains on your joints.

Remember that you can only increase your exercise intensities through your resistance levels. And it can burn calories faster and gets you great strength and cardio workout in one go.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HiiT)

HIIT workouts help you get the best possible results from your workout time on your elliptical trainer. This training is a sure way to build endurance, and muscle fibers, burn calories, lose weight from fats burns, and build your full body muscles.

HIIT Involves intense recovery exercises at different intervals instead of the usual working out at a consistent pace. It incorporates short, intense training and longer intervals of lower resistance and slower pace. You can elevate your incline and pace by 20 to 30 seconds and slow down a bit for about 60 to 90 seconds, and you do this on repeat.

The longer recovery time allows you to rest more to avoid burning out. High-intensity interval training is medically proven to burn a lot of calories in a shorter workout time. You should aim to get used to your elliptical first through basic steps before making use of this training. Even better, you can get a workout trainer who can help you exercise with the correct techniques and avoid knee injuries.

One of the things to remember is to stretch out your muscles and limbs before undergoing HIIT training and every workout in general. For maximum weight reduction results added to an active lifestyle, you should try combining a proper healthy diet with this training.

Increasing The Length Of The Workout

If you’re just starting your elliptical machine workout journey toward your required weight reduction goals, a steady three 10-minutes workout session daily is a good place to start.

Gradually building your strength and endurance on your CrossFit trainer helps you develop appropriate muscles. Also, it allows you regularly increase the length and intensity of your workout sessions.

Maximizing your weight reduction results requires you to work out from 30 minutes to one hour daily, leaving at least two days for complete body rest. You can easily start by exercising a few times every week and then increasing your workout sessions gradually to at least five days a week for best results.

Consistency and effort are key in achieving your weight reduction goals as you build your upper and lower body muscles. Working out on your elliptical will be easier when you increase the length of the workout sessions. You not only burn enough calories, but you reach your target body goals in good time.

A key weight loss calorie count would be losing 1 pound a week. Elliptical workouts can help you steadily lose over 260 calories, which is a sure way to effectively lose body fat and weight over time.

Ignore The Elliptical Calorie Monitor

Research shows that elliptical machines’ calorie readings are wildly overestimated by over 100 calories. So if you’re relying on your machines’ calorie count, then you’re way off, especially if you’re trying to reduce weight.

You shouldn’t trust the calorie reading systems on your elliptical machines. Because calculating the number of calories your body burns while exercising requires accurately measuring the amount of energy every single cell in your body expends, which no elliptical could do.

If you want to improve your weight loss results and increase your calorie burn, you should work out intensely and consistently. Yes, a machine that shows how many calories you burn every workout session is exciting and motivating, but these elliptical calorie readings are usually wrong.

A better way would be using heart rate monitors to target a specific heart rate that estimates how hard you are exercising. It’s better to understand calories and their effect on weight reduction. Besides, working on an elliptical machine can help you burn a significant amount of calories without needing to check calorie readings or counts.

Overall, an elliptical workout can easily make you lose over 260 calories regularly and effectively help you lose weight in good time.

Stay Focused

Most ellipticals come with tablet holders and a display screen for entertainment while you work out. But it has to be said that watching those while exercising hinders maximum workout results, especially if you’re aiming to lose weight.

It’s important to stay focused on your elliptical, feeling each tension as you work against these increases in resistance grades or incline.

Tricks To Lose Weight On Elliptical - Stay Focused

An elliptical trainer helps work your lower and upper body, and being distracted makes you slow down and even decreases your steady workout pace. You can fix the problem of distraction by boosting your motivation and ramping up your intensity levels or listening to music while you exercise.

The elliptical machine brings greater results when you move with a good balance and posture, increased intensity, and endurance. And you can achieve them all by focusing on your elliptical workout sessions.

Just as well, keeping yourself up and going by varying your routines from running and walking at different intervals helps build your body muscles better with appropriate recovery time, effectively burning more calories and body fat.


Your elliptical machine comes with all the workout features and equipment from a variety of resistance grades, incline levels, and others to make your exercise experience better. They are designed to produce your ideal fitness results while also prioritizing your body’s health with their low-impact joint strain feature.

All that’s left for you to achieve your weight loss goals is putting in the needed efforts and proper techniques consistently while working out on your elliptical.

This article helps you achieve these goals by showing you all the necessary steps and exercise tricks as well as workout techniques. The tips here will help to maximize your weight loss outcome from adequate calorie burning, muscle build-up, and posture while you work out regularly on your elliptical machine.

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