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ProForm Vs Nordictrack Elliptical – Which is the better?

The Nordic track and the ProForm elliptical trainer are both world-leading home fitness equipment owned by the same company, ICON health & fitness. This makes them quite similar in advanced features and qualities as well as design and build. The Nordic track is slightly more expensive, with a complimentary one-year IFIT membership to help you along your fitness journey. The ProForm elliptical is almost identical but has special features embedded in Its design, from HIIT trainers and variable resistance levels and stride.

ProForm Vs Nordictrack Elliptical

Now when comparing the Nordictrack vs ProForm, you can see differences in their specific model types. But you cannot exactly rank any of these ellipticals as superior or inferior because the elliptical you decide to purchase depends on your needs and specifications. 

This article highlights in detail the good and great features of NordicTrack Vs ProForm trainers and also helps you choose the best elliptical models between these two high-end cardio machines according to your needs.

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Differences – ProForm Vs Nordictrack Elliptical

ProForm Elliptical


PROFORM Elliptical

ProForm elliptical trainers are higher end model ellipticals owned and developed by Utah based popular fitness company and became popular in 1980. There are several models of ProForm ellipticals, all with special features like being IFIT compatible, integrated tablet holder, LCD screen, and special Bluetooth audio speakers. These elliptical hybrid trainers also come with heart rate monitors to watch your exercise intensity while you burn calories and body fat.

The ProForm ellipticals are known to be quiet due to their silent magnetic resistance level. Overall, it has a great review from most of its users as well as a low budget cost. In regards to its diversity, ProForm elliptical trainers have a range of resistance systems, stride lengths, and incline options.

There are various model series of the ProForm machines. They include;

  • The HIIT Trainer Series: This is one of the top ellipticals in the ProForm series with an IFIT-ready trainer and built for intensity workouts to burn calories faster than usual ellipticals.
  • Proform Carbon Series: These include the E7 and EL ProForm carbon series, both having their unique attributes with an HD display and an endless supply of instructor-led workouts.
  • Hybrid Series: This is part recumbent hike and part elliptical trainer with extra features that make it durable and reliable. It also has a noiseless design and is affordable at a price range from $500 to $700.
  • Pro Series: This had three model types of elliptical trainers, the smart pro-12.9, the smart pro-9.9, and the smart pro-16.8, all having IFIT workout videos and more powerful than the ProForm endurance series.
  • CSE Series: This ProForm series has been discontinued but remains a favorite by some users. It has a rear-drive feature, and as rear-drive ellipticals are usually more expensive than front-drive, the CSE series prides itself in being less expensive than some front-drive elliptical trainers.
  • Endurance Series: Also a discontinued model, it had an integrated IFIT compatibility workout system abs a heavy drive system with an even heavier weight capacity to support various body types.

The ProForm elliptical trainer is the top best-selling brand but only next to the NordicTrack. It has a great warranty of 10 years in a frame, 2 years in part, and a year in labor. It has an affordable price range of $550 to a bit over $1000 compared to its sister elliptical. With its different trainer series, the ProForm provides the ideal workout machine to achieve optimal fitness.

  • Touchscreen consoles.
  • Adjustable incline.
  • Moveable handlebars.
  • IFIT workout programs.
  • Dual Bluetooth speakers.
  • Supports up to 325lb weight capacity.
  • Tablet holder.
  • Oversized cushioned pedals
  • Inconsistency quality control.
  • IFIT membership is required.

NordicTrack Elliptical


NordicTrack Elliptical

The NordicTrack elliptical is a world-leading home brand elliptical fitness trainer and one of the best elliptical machines, similar to the ProForm elliptical. It is owned by ICON health and fitness company and became known in the late 1970s. The Nordictrack ellipticals stand out with a wide range of workout programs specialized for your cardio exercise to give you the best fitness results.

Particularly, The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 has an impressive array of entertainment and Comfort features, including an HD screen, IFIT connectivity, and Bluetooth audio connectivity. It includes a variety of power features like variable resistance levels and inclines options, as well as an adjustable stride length. It is a sturdily built compact model that can be easily folded. This elliptical machine has some of the best qualities globally with an expensive price range from $800 to $3000 and reliable customer service with years of warranty in the brand.

There are a variety of model types in the Nordictrack machines, they include;

  • Rear Drive Series: The rear-drive Nordic track series is called the Space series; they are SE9i and the SE7i elliptical models. This elliptical has a foldable design in its compact model and is ideal for cardio exercises due to its low impact level. It also comes with a shorter stride and lesser weight capacity.
  • Front Drive Series: The front-drive Nordic tracker comes with an adjustable stride that targets building your muscles. It also has a wide range of resistance levels to increase the intensity of your workouts. It comes with an integrated IFIT program in its model series, which include the C 9.9, C 12.9, and C 14.9.
  • Free Stride Trainer: The free stride series, also called a center drive series, comes with an adjustable stride length as well as compact footprints. These elliptical brands include the FS10i and the FS14i.  Both of these models are IFIT compatible to help you utilize numerous workout programs and have a low-impact workout.

Overall, the Nordic track Elliptical is one of the most recommended and top home elliptical trainers for you to achieve your desired workout and fitness goals.

  • Adjustable stride.
  • Moveable handlebars.
  • HD display.
  • Tablet holder.
  • Workout fans.
  • Various resistance levels.
  • Adjustable incline.
  • Reduced IFIT free trial.
  • Expensive.

Proform Vs NordicTrack Elliptical


The ProForm or NordicTrack Elliptical home trainer has a lot of similarities and unique differences. They both are IFIT compatible due to ICON’s health and fitness owning the IFIT fitness app. The Nordic track has the edge over the ProForm in design and durability as it is built with preset workouts with a heavy flywheel that supports low-impact striding.

While engaging in a workout session. The adjustable length, power incline feature, and multiple resistance levels in the Nordic track elliptical make it an ideal elliptical for burning calories and body fat.

In comparison, as great fitness equipment, the ProForm being the 2 nd top Elliptical in the world and in no way inferior. It comes with a high-end quality design, intense resistance levels for HIIT workouts, an adjustable incline, and a weight capacity supporting body type versions. Its HIIT workouts help burn more calories in a shorter time than other Elliptical machines and increase your metabolic rate while your body rests.

Proform Vs NordicTrack - Performance


The Nordic track is designed with some of the highest quality technologies and a sturdy steel frame with 10 years warranty. It is a great fitness equipment that has unique front-drive ellipticals, rear-drive trainers, and center-drive ellipticals. All of which are designed differently, with the Front drive being more stable than the rest and providing more climbing motion while you exercise.

The rear-drive machines allow for a flatter running surface and are easier to move around, while the center drive series are more compact and foldable, with a lower stop on heights feature.

Comparing these in light of the ProForm Vs Nordictrack Ellipticals, the ProForm Ellipticals doesn’t have a center drive but only a front drive and a rear drive. All of these ellipticals utilize a silent magnetic resistance.

The ProForm hybrid trainer is also compact and foldable and supports up to 325lb weight capacity due to its sturdy design. It comes with an IFIT workout program, oversized cushioned pedals for exercise comfort, and moveable handlebars to tone your upper body muscles.


The Nordic track has various integrated technology equipment to make your workouts easier and get you the best fitness results. It comes with Bluetooth audio speakers, an LCD screen, Touch screen consoles, heart rate monitors, a USB charging port, and a tablet holder. 

The ProForm elliptical trainer comes with an HD display screen, Bluetooth audio speakers, USB charging ports, pulse grip heart rate monitors, a tablet holder, and workout cooling fans.


The Nordic Track Elliptical trainer comes with several elliptical model options, a rear-drive series, front-drive series, and a FreeStride series built to suit wide ranges of your fitness needs and budgets.

Some of the best Nordic track elliptical options include;

  • Best Overall: FS10i free stride trainer.
  • Best foldable: Space saver SE9i.
  • Best luxury: FS14i FreeStride trainer.

In comparison, the ProForm Elliptical trainer comes with various elliptical model options from the HIIT series, popular carbon series, and hybrid series, which combines Elliptical features and the recumbent bike features perfectly for cyclists and spin sessions.

Some of the best ProForm Elliptical options include;

  • Best for HIIT workouts: Carbon HIIT H7 cardio trainer.
  • Best multipurpose: Carbon EL.
  • Best affordable: Hybrid trainer XT.


Now you’ve seen all the unique features and differences in the Nordictrack Vs ProForm elliptical reviews. These elliptical reviews will enhance you to purchase ideal workout equipment much easier in regards to needs, body goals, and budget.

There is a variety of Online or physical stores you can purchase either the ProForm or Nordictrack elliptical. So Start enjoying all its features and technologies. Also, get your body started on your workout stats to burn calories and tone up your muscles, all in the comfort of your home gym.

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