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Sole E25 Elliptical Reviews – Is it worth buying in 2022?

SOLE E25 Elliptical Review

The Sole E25 Elliptical is affordable exercise equipment, quite elliptical that will suit the budget and requirements of users. The E25 sole fitness is a frontal-drive elliptical with a 20-pound flywheel at the base of the bars.

The pedals offer a 20” stride length and there are 20 grade and 20 resistance situations. Ellipticals are a good way to get a low-impact drill that targets all your major muscle groups in your legs, chest strap, back, and arms.

The smooth forward/ reverse stir of the pedals reduces common impact and the fluid stir of the accompanied handles and pedals reduces the elbows, shoulders, hips, ankle, and knee stress.


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Assembly Guide


Sole E25 Elliptical Review

Sole E25 Elliptical Features

Build & Design

SOLE e25 - Build and Design


The flywheel is an important spec that provides resistance for the sole machine. When it comes to flywheels, a heavier one is generally preferred because it’ll give a smoother lift. It all has to do with instigation-the heavier bus make further instigation as they spin, therefore furnishing for a lower bumpy feel.

SOLE e25 - Flywheel

Like most other ellipticals, the E25 sole fitness equipment comes with a 20 lb. flywheel, which is veritably respectable for a budget elliptical. For comparison’s sake, numerous budget sole ellipticals come with flywheels in the 13-18 lb. range. To give you control over that flywheel, the E25 comes with 20 different resistance levels and 20 different grade settings. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to controlling the intensity of your exercises or workout programs.


The raised bars move in line with the pedals and allow for a full-body drill on the E25. The custom moldered handgrips give a comfortable feel. The pedals even offer a 2° inward slope, which is recommended by most physical therapists to reduce stress on the ankle. The addition of upper body exercise provides a full-body drill on the E25. The rotating bars also include adaptation buttons so you can control your resistance levels and grade without having to remove your hands from the bars.

Sole e25 - Handlebars

Stride Length

On a great elliptical, the stride length is technically the distance your bases move frontal to back as you pedal. Like running face on a routine, larger is better because it gives you further room to workout. The home elliptical for the gold standard is 20 ″. You can spot a crummy elliptical an afar down by glancing at its stride length.  

The Sole Fitness E25 20 ″ stride length makes you rest easy. With a stride length this large, it’ll be suitable to comfortably fit utmost all users without any issues. However, people who are significantly shorter or taller than average might prefer the Sole E95s elliptical.

Sole e25 - Stride Length


This Soles elliptical is not only the most affordable, but it is also one of the most compacts. The E25 requires a minimum of 178cm by 61cm (LxW) to fit into a home. The Sole E25 is a compact model has the following measures,

  • Height (in) 71″
  • Step-up height on the sole E25 is 14 ″ 
  • Length (in.) 70″
  • Range (in.) 24″

Smart Features

Workout Tracking:

Like many expensive models, the E25 provides users the freedom to use their smart devices to watch workout shows or follow their drill routines. If you’d like a larger display take a look at the up-level Sole E35, which gives you a 7.5″ LCD display as well as a heavier flywheel and better warranty.

It is also compatible with the Sole Fitness apps, this means, users can sync their workout data with their favorite fitness apps like FitBit, Apple Health, or MyFitnessPal. The Sole Fitness app will help you monitor your workout data on your smart device. Check out our Sole E25 vs E35 elliptical guide to see how the E25 compares to the more expensive models.

SOLE e25 - Smart Features

Audio System:

With Bluetooth enabled, you can play music and listen to your favorite track from your smart device through the speakers on the console.


Workout Program:

Follow these steps:

  • Program the elliptical setting to Manual: Start at position 5 if there are 20 resistance situations for one nanosecond (if Advanced, start at an advanced position). 
  • Minute 2: Increase Resistance Position to 6. 
  • Minutes 3-5: Increase to position 7 for one minute. Continue adding one Position each minute until you reach Level 9. 
  • Minute 6: Drop the Resistance to Level 6. 
  • Minutes 7-10: Increase to Level 7 for one minute and continue adding one position until you reach Level 10. 
  • Minute 11:  Drop the Resistance to Level 7. 
  • Minutes 12-15: You need to Increase to Level 8 for one minute. Continue adding one Position each minute until you reach Level 11. 
  • Minute 16: Drop the Resistance to Level 8. 
  • Minutes 17-20: Increase to Level 9 for one nanosecond. Continue adding 1 Position each minute until you reach Level 12. 
  • Minutes 21-24:  Reduce the resistance to Level 6. 


Makes grassing noise due to the Lack of lubrication on pivot points can make the elliptical squeak. Apply a thin fleece of all-purpose grease to pivot points on the pedal arms and handlebars to exclude squeaks. Slick all moving corridors during routine conservation to help squeaks. 

Sole E25 Elliptical Specifications

DisplayLDC Display 6.5″
Display Color Blue
SensorsPulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring sensors
Drive SystemFront
Resistance MechanismECB resistance
Resistance Level20 levels
Incline SystemMotorized Incline System
Incline Level 1 – 20
ramp angle 0 to 30 degrees
Workout ProgramsStandard Programs 6
Custom Programs 2
Heart Programs 2
DimensionsHeight 71 ″
Length 70 ″
Width 24 ″
Step Up Height 14”
Maximum Stride Length 20-22″
Elliptical Weight212 lbs.
User Weight Capacity350 lbs
Extra FeaturesBluetooth Speakers
Phone/Tablet Holder
USB Charging Port
Bluetooth Compatible
Built-in fan
Water Bottle Holder
Sole E25 Elliptical Rating

Sole E25 Elliptical



  • Sole E25 is Built with an ECB drive system for a noiseless workout.
  • Pulse Grips & Chest Strap sensor for monitoring real-time heart rate.
  • Has a power incline feature to adjust ramp angle up to 30 degrees for additional resistance as well as variable positions.








10 Programs

Workout Programs


20 Level Up

Resistance Level
  • Affordable full body drill. 
  • Does not require internet. 
  • TV screen is simple and easy to use. 
  • Casket swatch included for accurate HR training. 
  • Power grade with 20 situations. 
  • Gentled pedals are malleable. 
  • Resistance is silent.
  • Extras included an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth audio, built-in USB port, suckers and water bottle holder. 
  • Included heart rate chest strap and monitor.
  • Has a good-sized footmark and doesn't fold up. 
  • Stride length cannot be docked lower than 20. 
  • No subscription contents.

Demo Footage

Assembly Guide


Detect the Console Mast and Console Mast Cover and slide the Cover onto the Mast as far as it’ll go. The Console Mast should be facing the correct direction. 

The Frame of the elliptical is a Computer Cable. Unravel and strengthen the Computer Cable and feed it into the bottom of the press mast tube. 

Install the Console Mast into the entering type at the top of the Main Frame. 

NOTE: There’s one bolt formerly installed in the entering type that will engage with the niche at the bottom of the Console Mast. This needs to be tensed at the end along with the three other press mast bolts. 

Put the 1pc of3/8″x 2T Split Washer onto the 1pc of3/8″x2-1/4″Hex Head Screw and the 2pcs of3/8 ´ x 23 x1.5 T Twisted Washers onto the 2pcs of3/8″x3/4″ Hex Head Screws. Install, and hand strain, the Hex Head Screw through the left side of the entering type into the Console Mast. 

NOTE: There’s an electrical line running through the Console Mast Tube. Do it with care so you don’t damage or pinch this Computer Cable during the procedure. Damage to the Console could affect. Install, and hand strain, the 2pc of 3/8″x3/4″Hex Head Screws through the front of the entering type into the Console Mast. 

Using the 13/ 14m/ m Wrench strain the three bolts, and the fourth bolt which is pre-installed, forcefully. These bolts should be tensed as much as you conceivably can. 

Detect the Console and the 4 pcs of M5 x 10m/ m Phillips Head Screws. 

There will be three electrical line connectors at the top opening of the press mast, two 2 legs (hand palpitation detectors), one 10 legs (mainline harness). Connect these to the lovemaking connectors on the reverse of the press. The connectors are reconciled so you cannot plug them in the wrong way so don’t force them. The two, 2 leg connectors can be plugged into either connector on the reverse of the press. 

Storing the redundant line back into the Console Mast, precisely install the Console onto the mounting plate of Console Mast and secure using the 4 pcs of M5 x 10m/ m Phillips Head Screws. 


The 2 pcs of 17m/ m Wave Washers should be installed on the Left and Right sides of the Handle Bar axle. 

Slide the Left and Right Handle Bars onto the applicable side of the axle. 

Put in the 2 pcs of 5/16″x 23 x1.5 T Flat Washers on the 2 pcs of 5/16″x 15m/ m Hex Head Screws, install, and strain in the threaded holes of the axle. 


Align the hole at the end of the Connecting arm (L) (rotating rod end) with the hole in the type of the Handle Bar (L). The rod end should be on the inside of the Handle Bar (L) type. Install 1pc of5/16″x 20 x1.5 T Flat Washer,5/16″x 7T Nylon Nut and11.9 x8.5 x 16m/ m Sleeve Spacer on the 5/16″x1-1/4″Hex Head Screw and strain forcefully using a 12m/ m Wrench on 5/16″x 7T Nylon Nut and one on the5/16″x1-1/4″Hex Head Screw. 

Reprise for the right-side Pedal/ Combining Arm. 


The Arm Covers should be installed on both left and right over the rod end and Handle Bars with 4pcs of M5 x 15m/ m Button Head Socket Screws and 2pcs of3.5 x10m/ m Tone Tapping Screw using a Short Phillips Screw Motorist. 

Install the 2pcs of Wheel Covers with the 4pcs of M5x15m/ m Phillips Head Screws. 

Detect the 2 pcs of Hinder Stabilizer Cover and 2 pcs of Middle Stabilizer Cover for the Rear Rail Assembly and install with 4 pcs of M5 x 15m/ m Screws by using the Phillips Head Screwdriver. Then install the frontal stabilizer cover with 2 pcs of M5 x 15m/ m Screws by using the Phillips head screwdriver. 

Install the Front Handle Bar Cover (L & R) and Reverse Handle Bar Cover (L & R) over the Handle Bars axle connections with the 6 pcs of3.5 x10m/ m Tone Tapping Screws by using Phillips Head Screw Motorist.


  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 3-year parts
  • 1-year labor

This is a good warranty for an elliptical in this price range.


1. Is the Sole E25 Elliptical quiet?

Yes, the Sole Fitness E25 elliptical machine is a quiet machine that has great features, but an E25 Elliptical squeak is frequently as a result of disunion of moving corridor within the machine. Lack of lubrication on vital pivot points causes the machine to squeak. 

2. How heavy is the Sole E25 Elliptical? 

Weight Capacity is 325 Pounds. 

3. How long will Sole E25 Elliptical last? 

Acclimatized for light to kindly moderate use, the Sole Fitness E25 elliptical machine will last for literally times with a duly maintained care schedule. Sole fitness covers the E25 elliptical with a generous continuance bond on the frame, 3 times on electronics and corridor, and 1 time on labor.


Sole Fitness E25 elliptical machine is a veritably well-given home fitness brand that has earned a character for furnishing high-quality outfits and backing them with stupendous guaranties. 

The above Sole E25 Elliptical review machine reveals that it is around the beauty of a drill machine with numerous estimable rates for the sapient buyer. It’s erected to last and will offer numerous times of drill delight for the consumer wanting to add elliptical exercise to their drill governance.

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