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Sole e55 Elliptical Review & Ratings

Sole E55 Elliptical Reviews

Another genius product of the sole ellipticals is the Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer. This high-end CrossFit trainer can fit tight spaces of your home due to its compact size.

It also comes with numerous quality features, from comfortability features like Bluetooth speakers, cooling fans, tablet holders, USB charging ports, and so much more.

It has meticulously integrated workout features and programs which prioritize building your body by targeting different muscle groups. Its programs include cardio workouts, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and calorie-burning training.

If you’re searching for a quality and comfortable trainer, the Sole E55 elliptical is just the best for you among other elliptical trainers.

This elliptical makes it easy for you to track your workout data via its Sole fitness app while having fun building your body to your required goals. This sole e55 elliptical review gives you all the essential details you need to know before your purchase.


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Sole e55 Elliptical Reviews

Sole E55 Elliptical Features

Build & Design

Sole E55 Elliptical - Build & Design

The Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical trainer has great features, design, and solid steel construction. Its 38 mm heavy steel frame and power incline levels have a lifetime warranty. It also comes with adjustable pedals and handlebars. This elliptical prioritizes a good workout experience no matter the intensity level. Its compact size and well-built frame design make it number one for elliptical users.


The Sole Elliptical E55 has its flywheel connected to its pedals, which rotates while you workout. Its 20 lb flywheel weight is ideal for an intense workout ride. Because the heavier the flywheel, the more momentum the elliptical produces as it spins, which makes for a smooth pedal stroke. Several ellipticals implement a heavier flywheel system which is more efficient for working out and conveniently matches a magnetic resistance system.

Sole E55 Elliptical - Flywheel

Essentially a 25 lb or 30 lb Flywheel would be operated even smoother. Still, the Sole Elliptical E55 uses a 20 lb Flywheel to make its elliptical more mobile and light, inadvertently making it easier to use. Including a moderately heavy 20lb flywheel, the Sole E55 Also comes with 20 resistance levels and adjustable power incline controls built. The incline levels make your workouts harder and allow for targeting different muscle groups. This enables you to work out more vigorously, burn calories/body fat, and build targeted muscle groups in your body.

This flywheel is suitable for beginner and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. Advanced athletes might prefer a model with a heavier flywheel, such as the Sole E95s elliptical, for more challenge.


The Sole E55 Elliptical trainers come with oversized multi-grip handlebars that utilize various grip options. This compact elliptical targets several muscle groups. It also helps build different upper body muscles according to your grip levels.

Sole E55 Elliptical - Handlebars

The stationary handlebars are created to support your workout and also to ensure your comfortable position, posture and balance. The resistance and incline fitness levels can be easily adjusted to match your endurance and intensity as you move your sole ellipticals handlebars.

Stride Length

The Sole Elliptical E55 allows easy positioning anywhere in your home gym. Although it is not foldable, its 20″ adjustable stride negates its compact size and makes it an easy-to-use elliptical for various body sizes. The stride length of an elliptical Is the distance as your elliptical pedals move back and forth while working out. A good stride length ensures compatibility and a greater workout result. Working out with the appropriate stride lengths according to your heights and leg lengths is easy on Sole E55.

Sole E55 Elliptical - Stride Length


This cardio trainer is built with a solid steel construction regardless of its compact size. Its design makes it durable and gives it the capacity to support various body sizes. The Sole Elliptical E55 weighs 214 pounds which attests to its durability and well-built design. This elliptical has a maximum of 375 lb Weight capacity to support various body sizes of users. It is also backed up with a lifetime frame Warranty and provides all the quality support and features to enjoy a vigorous workout experience.

Smart Features

Most ellipticals come with a variety of smart features to make your workout experience more enjoyable while still bringing optimum exercise body results. This exercise equipment is one of those primary ellipticals. It utilizes,

Sole E55 Elliptical - Smart Features
  • 10 pre-programmed fitness programs
  • With built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy your music playlist either on your tablet or phone
  • USB charging port where you can easily charge your phone while working out in case of a rundown battery
  • Data tracking popular fitness apps where you can watch your workout progress on the free Sole fitness app.

There are also comfort features and smart devices like an integrated tablet holder, which you can place beside the elliptical LCD screen, a cooling fan, and a compatible Bluetooth technology.


Overall this sole fitness has some of the best features, including its fitness programs and noiseless system, which aims to build your body to your requirements. It provides several workout pieces of training and special mechanical attributes while giving you an enjoyable experience. It is compact and supports a variety of body sizes with a 375 weight capacity and a 20″ stride length. It is also one of the best ellipticals to make your workout journey and your body goals a reality.

Workout Program:

The Sole Elliptical E55 has a variety of preset workout programs with multiple users’ work-level profiles. The program sums up to 10,

  • 2 heart rate-controlled programs
  • 2 custom user programs
  • 6 standard programs

These programs help you exercise according to your body goals with hill training, Fat burn cardio strength, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The Sole Elliptical E55 provides essential data regarding workout routines. It does not cluster up its system with numerous programs you may end up not using. Hence it helps you focus on the particular workouts for your fitness goals and makes it easier to work towards them.


The Sole Elliptical E55 trainer comes with a sleek quality design coupled with a low-impact workout. It has a well-structured mechanism and a silent magnetic resistance, allowing you to work out in tranquility and silence. A noisy elliptical tends to make you distracted and frustrated while working out because you can either not focus on your workout programs or even enjoy the use of your Bluetooth speakers.

Sole E55 Elliptical Specifications

Display9″ white backlit LCD Display Adjustable console
SensorsHeart rate monitors & Chest strap
Drive SystemFront-drive system
Resistance MechanismECB
Resistance Level20 levels
Incline SystemPower-adjustable
Incline level 0 to 20
Ramp angle 0 to 20 degrees
Workout Programs6 standard programs
2 custom programs
2 Heart programs
DimensionsHeight 23″
Length 66″
Step up height 33″
Maximum stride length 20 inches
Elliptical Weight214 lbs
User Weight Capacity375 lbs
Extra FeaturesBluetooth audio speakers
Cooking fan
Integrated Tablet holder
Water bottle holder
USB charging port
Bluetooth compatible
Sole E55 Elliptical - Rating

Sole E55 Elliptical



  • Sole E55 is Built with an LCD display that tracks time, distance, and calories.
  • Pulse Grips & Chest Strap sensor for monitoring real-time heart rate.
  • Has a power incline feature that adds resistance while targeting different muscle groups.
  • It has 10 inbuilt programs and pedals to adjust the ten positions.








10 Programs

Workout Programs


20 Level Up

Resistance Level
  • Oversized cushioned adjustable foot pedals
  • Bluetooth audio speakers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wireless Chest strap included
  • Tablet holder
  • Cooling fan
  • Not foldable

  • Expensive models

Demo Footage

Assembly Guide

The assembly of the Sole E55 isn’t problematic because it comes with an assembly guideline manual. The manual is pretty straightforward, making it easy to put your elliptical together, especially if you have extra helping hands.

However, you should carefully take your time diligently following the steps written. Overall, it is relatively easy when you start assembling your elliptical, the process of assembling the elliptical is moderate and doesn’t take much time. But if you still have difficulties, you can watch videos of assembling the Sole E55 elliptical.


The Sole E55 Electrical provides full coverage in warranty with a lifetime warranty in regards to frame, five years warranty on all parts of the elliptical, and two years warranty in labor which is longer than most ellipticals which have a one-year guarantee. The Sole Ellipticals company has seen years in ellipticals productions. And they continue developing more types of equipment to create more convenient and result-oriented machinery. They offer a great warranty on all their elliptical products, so you are guaranteed durability and longevity in your elliptical.


1. Does Sole E55’s Stride is adjustable?

Yes, the Sole E55 has a 20 inches adjustable stride and an inverted pedal for a stress-free workout.

2. How heavy is a Sole E55 Elliptical?

The Sole E55 elliptical trainer weighs a full 214 pounds added to its compact size due to its solid steel construction.

3. How much does the Sole E55 weigh?

The Sole E55 Elliptical has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, supporting body sizes in that range.

4. Does Sole Elliptical E55 fold up?

No, the Sole E55 Elliptical trainer is not foldable, but it has a compact size that can be placed in tight spaces.

5. Does the Sole Elliptical E55 have wheels?

The Sole E55 elliptical trainer has an easy-to-move transport wheel at the front, making it easy for you to lift it from behind while pushing or pulling the elliptical.


This Sole E55 elliptical review provides all the information you will need for purchasing. This model elliptical in the Sole series is moderate in cost and matches well for a home gym. Its numerous features help you work out using Cardio training, HIIT training, Calorie and fat-burning workouts, and upper and lower body muscle building.

With a convertible stride grade and smart features, there aren’t any essentials the elliptical doesn’t integrate into its system. Start your workout journey, build towards your fitness expectations using this quality elliptical daily, and see wonderful results.

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