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Sole e95 Elliptical Review – Our Top Choice

E95 Sole Elliptical Trainer Review

The Sole E95 Elliptical machine is one of the brand’s leading trainers. It has been rated as one of the best sole elliptical exercise equipment by fitness users. A good reason why it’s a favorite for the brand’s users is that it was designed for easy home use to target different muscle groups. Notwithstanding, the E95 fits right at home or in any commercial gym

The Sole fitness trainers are known for their construction strength, smooth operation, and customizable features. The engineers of the Sole E95 did not disappoint in that regard. The E95 carries a heavy 27-pound flywheel, ensuring a smooth, comfortable motion. 

As a piece of low-impact fitness equipment, it eliminates ankle and knee stress common with other types of trainers. The E95 also comes with oversized foot pedals, a water bottle holder, cooling fans, a USB charging port, and a tablet holder.

There’s so much to know and understand about the features of the E95. This Sole E95 Elliptical review highlight all the good and noticeable drawbacks of this amazing elliptical trainer.


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Sole E95 Elliptical Reviews

Sole E95 Elliptical Features

Build & Design

SOLE Fitness E95 - Build and Design

Sole ellipticals are quite unique. Users seem to love all of the Sole Fitness elliptical trainers, especially the E35, E55, and E95. Among them, the E95 stands out in the crowd with its solid construction material. However, what it lacks as a space saver, it makes up for in functionality.


As a beginner or amateur in the world of elliptical trainers, the flywheel may seem like a technical feature that doesn’t mean much. On the contrary, the flywheel plays the most important role on any elliptical. The drive system provides resistance and propels all movements in the handlebars and pedals.

As the machine’s engine, it’s easily prone to having a noisy operation. One way to counteract the noise and ensure quiet, smooth motion is an increase in the weight of the flywheel, creating a whisper-quiet drive system. In other words, elliptical manufacturers offer different flywheel weights on models. Heavier flywheels are preferred because they guarantee whisper-quiet, smooth working operation.

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical - Flywheel

As a heavy-duty cross trainer, the engineers at Sole spared no expense in installing a heavy 27-pound flywheel on this Sole fitness model. Of course, this goes without saying that the E95 runs smoothly and quietly during workouts.

The flywheel also determines the machine’s resistance controls. The E95 comes with 20 levels of resistance. Resistance is the tension generated by the machine that users would have to overcome by pushing down on the adjustable pedals. Ideally, the more the levels of resistance available on an elliptical, the more workout intensity options users will have.

The incline systems determine the angle at which users have to work out. An increased incline means a more intense total body workout since it would feel like users are climbing up a slope. The E95 not only has an incline ramp angle of 20 positions, but it also has a power incline feature. This means users do not have to step down from the machine to adjust the incline manually.


Elliptical cross trainers are different from exercise or incumbent bikes because they guarantee an upper body and lower body workout. Ellipticals with moving handlebars help users perform upper body exercises on muscle groups. Think in terms of the biceps, triceps, and pecs. 

A typical elliptical machine comes with two sets of handlebars. These are moving arm bars and stationary handles. The longer handles are the movable handles that allow users to pull and push while simulating walking or running movement on the pedals. 

The Sole E95 Elliptical comes with both moving and stationary sets of handlebars. It has hand pulse grip sensors on the fixed handles so the machine can read off the user’s heart rate, pulse, and other body vitals. They are short and attached firmly to the elliptical frame to give balance and stability to users. The longer, movable handlebars have durable foam cushioning pads to comfort the hands and wrist during workouts.

Sole E95 - Handlebars

Stride Length

Humans have unique stride lengths of distance when walking or running. For example, adults would have longer and wider strides than kids because of the length of their legs. In the same way, stride length can differ for fitness trainers with significantly different stride lengths.

However, elliptical manufacturers tend to go with the average stride length to accommodate a wider range of users. The ideal stride length for ellipticals is usually 20″. This Sole fitness model comes with an adjustable stride length of 20 to 22 inches.

This gives it a maximum stride length of 22″.This is more than ideal for trainers as it caters to the stride comfort of tall trainers. However, with a minimum stride length of 20″, the E95 may not be an ideal elliptical for short fitness trainers as the stride couldn’t offer much comfort during a workout. Also, a note for all tall individuals, Sole introduced the E95S elliptical trainer, with stride length up to 24″.

SOLE Fitness E95 - Stride Length


Elliptical cross trainers come in different shapes, dimensions, and weights. Each design is done for use in commercial or home gyms. The smaller-sized, under-desk design also exists for senior trainers or quick lower body workouts.

The Sole E95 Elliptical is not a compact elliptical but can be used in a home gym. Its footprint is way larger than many home-use ellipticals, but it allows for great workout routines and performance. It comes in dimensions of 83x32x71 inches (LxWxH) and weighs 248 pounds. It also has an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Smart Features

Workout machines are more than just muscle toning and calorie-burning fitness machine. Users appreciate additional smart features that make it easy to track and monitor body vitals and workout performance.

This Sole elliptical comes with hand pulse grips on its stationary handlebars that read the user’s vitals during workouts. It is also heart rate chest strap compatible and allows for hands-free pulse monitoring for more accurate readings. The trainer presents these data on the elliptical 10.1″ LCD screen. 

Its Bluetooth technology feature makes it easy to transfer workout/exercise stats from the elliptical trainer fitness apps to other devices.

Sole E95 - Smart Features


Workout Program:

Elliptical cross trainers come with programs to help users navigate the system with ease. These programs are either standard or customizable programs or a combination of both. 

The Sole E95 comes with 10 pre-programmed workouts. These include 6 standard programs, 2 user programs, and an additional 2 heart rate programs.


The Sole E95 Elliptical comes with a 27 pounds flywheel drive system. This guarantees a smooth, whisper-quiet working operation which makes them the perfect ellipticals for the home.

Sole E95 Elliptical Specifications

Display10.1″ high-resolution LCD screen, adjustable console
SensorsHand pulse grips, chest strap compatible
Drive SystemFront-drive
Resistance MechanismECB Resistance
Resistance Level20 levels
Incline SystemPower Adjustable incline
Range angle 1 to 20 degrees
Workout Programs10 Workout Programs
DimensionsHeight – 71 inches
Length – 83 inches
Width – 32 inches
Adjustable stride length 20-22 inches
Elliptical Weight248 lbs.
User Weight Capacity400 lbs
Extra Features27 lbs Flywheel
Oversized Adjustable, 10 positions, Cushioned foot Pedals
Built-in Bluetooth audio speakers (MP3 Compatible)
Integrated tablet holder
Water bottle holder
Bluetooth compatible
USB port
Built-in cooling fan
SOLE E95 Elliptical - Rating

Sole E95 Elliptical

Commercial Indoor Elliptical


  • E95 got 20 levels of incline positions, allowing you to target all major lower body muscles.
  • Handlebars pulse sensors, chest strap for pulse monitoring, and heart
  • Advance and adjustable foot pedals to fit the way you walk.








10 Programs

Workout Programs


20 Level Up

Resistance Level
  • Its 27 lbs flywheel drive system ensures a whisper-quiet, smooth operation.
  • The Bluetooth connectivity features enable users to quickly transfer workout data to other devices.
  • 20 levels of incline provide users with different intensity settings.
  • Its adjustable 10.1" High-Resolution LCD workout display screen is large and perfect for monitoring workout performance.
  • Hand pulse grip sensors alongside a compatible chest strap feature easily monitor and track the user's heart rate, pulse, and other body vitals.
  • It doesn't have a compact design or folding space-saving features
  • Not recommended for fitness trainers with short strides

Demo Footage

Assembly Guide

The Sole E95 Elliptical comes with a detailed, easy-to-use assembly manual. To assist non-technical users, the manual comes with illustrated assembly steps. The summary of the steps includes:

  • Place all parts and tools on open floor space.
  • Attach the incline rail and also the console mast.
  • Connect the lower handlebar arms.
  • Connect the upper handlebar arms.
  • Connect and secure all plastic parts.
  • Make a final inspection of the assembly.
  • Switch on the console.


The Sole E95 Elliptical cross trainer comes with a lifetime structural frame warranty. Additionally, it also comes with a 5 years warranty for parts and a 2 years warranty for labor.


1. How heavy is Sole E95 elliptical?

The Sole E95 elliptical has a total weight of 248 pounds. This makes it a heavy elliptical compared to other elliptical machines. However, it comes with transport wheels for easy relocation.

2. Is Sole E95 hard to assemble? 

No, it is not. The Sole E95 comes with an assembly manual that illustrates the step-by-step assembly of the elliptical. For easy identification of parts, it’s best to spread them all out before starting the assembly process.

3. Does Sole E95 have an adjustable stride? 

Yes, it does. The Sole E95 has an adjustable stride length of 20 to 22 inches. This makes it easy for users to adjust the stride distance for maximum comfort during a workout.


The Sole E95 Elliptical cross trainer is a piece of heavy-duty fitness equipment. It is made from a 33mm steel frame that guarantees durability. To back it up, the brand offers a lifetime frame warranty on the E95. It also comes with great features that make it a preferred option for users looking for ellipticals in its price range. This includes a flywheel weight of 27 lbs.

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