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Sole Vs NordicTrack Elliptical – Which Is Best For You?

The Sole elliptical vs Nordictrack elliptical trainer are both machines made for workouts at the convenience of your home. They are manufactured accurately for maximum efficiency by two companies, DYACO SPIRIT Fitness for Sole elliptical and the ICON health & Fitness for a Nordic elliptical machine.

Sole Vs NordicTrack Elliptical

In terms of efficiency, both sole machines and NordicTrack machines have a similar ranking based on feedback from customer reviews. The odds are likely that these two might probably be on that list if you’ve searched for the best home elliptical machines.

With all that in mind, choosing the better cardio machine would be from what you desire or the special elliptical specifications that interest you most. This article lists in detail the special specifications and features of the Sole vs the Nordictrack elliptical machines.

Sole Vs NordicTrack Elliptical Machine

Sole Elliptical


Sole Elliptical

The Sole Fitness machine started by producing ellipticals for hotels, and since then, they have become one of the top recommendations for elliptical machines. Sole elliptical trainers are great for gaining cardiovascular conditioning and strengthening body muscles while staying low impact for comfort. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, a five-year warranty on parts, and two years in labor.

As commercial grade ellipticals, Sole ellipticals’ weight capacities range from 350lb to 400lb, depending on the model. This means that even their most budget-friendly model(e25) can support various body sizes. They have screens that tend to be larger on more high-end models with comfortable footprint pedals that vary in size depending on the model, with the E25 and E55 being the most compact. 

Also, some models come with adjustable resting positions of the pedal for added comfort (E35, E55, E95). The majority of these products can be bought for $2000, and the highest prices would fall under $3000.  

These are the models of the sole elliptical trainers in order of their increasing pricing and specifications;

  • Sole E25: This is the first model and the cheapest. It has a lifetime warranty for frames, a three-year warranty for parts, and one year for labor. The weight capacity is 350lb, and the dimensions (L x W x H) are 70’’x 24’’x 64″. The stride in length is 20″. It has a flywheel weight of 20lb.
  • Sole E35: This model is more expensive than the previous model. It has a lifetime warranty for frames, five years for parts, and two years for labor. The weight capacity is 375lb, and the dimensions (L x W x H) are 82’’x 31’’x 67″. The stride in length is 20″. It has a flywheel weight of 25lb.
  • Sole E55: This is the third model and is expensive as well. It has a lifetime warranty for frames, and five years warranty for parts, and two years of labor. The weight capacity is 375lb, and the dimensions (L x W x H) are 71’’x 27’’x 64″. The stride in length is 20″. It has a flywheel weight of 20lb.
  • Sole E95: This elliptical trainer has a weight capacity of 400lb, and the dimensions (L x W x H) are 82’’x 31’’x 67″ with a 20″ stride length and a flywheel weight of 27lb.
  • Sole E95(s): This is also one of the expensive elliptical models with a weight capacity of 400lb, and dimensions (L x W x H) are 84’’x 32’’x 70″. The stride in length is 18″ to 24″ with a flywheel weight of 30lb.
  • Sole E98: This elliptical comes with a stride in the length of 20″ and a flywheel weight of 32lb. The weight capacity is 400lb, and its dimensions (L x W x H) are 82’’x 31’’x 71″.
  • Lifetime warranty in frame.
  • Adjustable foot pedals.
  • Power incline (excluding e95s).
  • Power adjustable stride length.
  • Great customer service.
  • Various resistance levels.
  • Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • USB charging port.
  • Few workout options.
  • Not iFit compatible.

NordicTrack Elliptical


Nordic Track Elliptical

The Nordic Track elliptical trainers are high-end contenders, probably the most famous, especially within the US, for producing quality elliptical machines. Like Sole ellipticals, the Nordictrack elliptical trainers are also great for gaining cardiovascular conditioning, strengthening body muscles, and providing comfort in the process. They are one of the most sought-after ellipticals, dating as far back as the 1970s when they became known.

They stand out from others with a very wide range of built-in workout programs specialized for cardio machines to give you your desired results. It is owned by the ICON health and fitness company and has comfort features such as iFit subscription connectivity, High-Definition touch screens, Bluetooth audio connectivity, and a variety of power features also, including adjustable stride lengths and inclination options. It is also sturdily built and can be easily folded. It is one of the bests of its series and has a moderate price range between $700 to $3000.

All these come with reliable customer services and up to 10 years of warranty in the frame, two years in parts, and one year in labor.

These are some of the models of the Nordictrack ellipticals;

  • Front Drive Series: This version has adjustable strides ranging from 17.5″ to 20″. It also has a wide range of resistance levels to increase the intensity of your workouts. It comes with the iFit program in its model series C9.9, C12.9, and C14.9.
  • Rear Drive Series: These elliptical trainers (the SE9i and SE7i) are 80 inches long, and when assembled, they can also be folded back after working out to reclaim your floor space. It also has an iFit program in its model and is suited for comfort.
  • Free Stride Trainer Elliptical Series: The free stride series has an adjustable stride length feature as well as compact footprints to suit your taste. It is also called the center drive series (FS10i and FS14i), with its model being iFit compatible to help you utilize the various workout programs.
Nordic Track Elliptical Types
  • HD displays for better GUI interaction.
  • Moving handlebars.
  • Stride choices.
  • Resistance ranges.
  • Consoles.
  • iFit Compatible.
  • Variety of workout programs.
  • USB charging port.
  • 10 years warranty in frame.
  • Below stellar customer service.

If you are interested in NordicTrack, you can also check our guide on ProForm Vs Nordictrack Elliptical.

Sole Vs NordicTrack Elliptical


The Nordictrack elliptical trainer vs Sole machines varies from the fact they are both owned by different companies to the way the parts are structured for specific purposes. Yes, they both are very good when it comes to carrying out the major task, which is effective cardio muscular exercises. But the better choice still depends on the user specifications and preference.

Sole Vs NordicTrack Elliptical - Performance


In the Nordictrack machines vs Sole cross trainer comparison, we found that the Nordictrack ellipticals are designed finely with sturdy steel heavy-duty frames, heavy flywheels, HD touch screens, and a console for better interaction. The NordicTacks are fashioned products to give the user maximum experience and comfort because they are well built and of good quality.

In comparison, the sole ellipticals are built in a manner solely for workout and fitness purposes with less interactive features like the HD screen. If you’re looking for a straight-to-the-point workout machine, the sole ellipticals are your best option in the game. They are also well built with heavy-duty frames that usually have higher weight capacity than other brands with high customer service and long warranty periods.


Comparing the Nordictrack vs Sole, the Nordic track elliptical has the upper hand. It offers integrated high-tech components that are useful, like USB charging ports, Bluetooth audio connection, HD display screen, iFit fitness programs with various workouts, workout cooling fans, and even more. Sole elliptical machine models don’t provide a great workout variety consisting mainly of eight to ten workout schemes.


Some of the best NordicTrack ellipticals include;

The Commercial X22i, FS10i free stride trainer, Space saver, the SE9i (efficient for saving space), the EXP 7i, and the FS14i FreeStride trainer (best for maximum luxury).

While the Sole Elliptical best elliptical model options include;

The Sole E95, the Sole E35 elliptical bike, and the Sole E98 elliptical.


This article has hopefully provided you with the needed and detailed information about the Sole vs Nordictrack elliptical from their unique factors, advantages, and disadvantages, including their various models. The choice of which is better remains for you, the end-user, to decide which is best suited for your comfort at home.

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