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The Wellness Wonderland is a website dedicated to providing consumer-friendly resources on fitness equipment, gear, and fitness guides. Our team members are passionate about helping you to choose the best fitness equipment based on your fitness goals, body type, and budget.

But with many products available on the market, reaching a wise decision can feel overwhelming, but choosing the fitness gear can be pretty straightforward when the equipment is categorized, organized, and reviewed clearly. Here, we provide tested, unbiased and accurate reviews of the general types of cardio trainers, the leading brands, and hundreds of specific gym equipment at home and commercial facilities.

Why it is necessary to get advice professional fitness trainer?

At first glance, fitness seems accessible to everyone. However, to obtain satisfactory results in cardio, weight loss, or even bodybuilding, the exercises must be adapted to your own abilities and objectives, and above all, be well done!

Several videos are circulating on the net, offering courses for all audiences. But some common exercises — like squats or push-ups — are far from harmless to our bodies when they’re done incorrectly. More and more trainers are warning beginners and experienced athletes about practicing fitness exercises without professional guidance.

To return to the example of abs on the ground, coaches and physiotherapists agree that this exercise can ultimately be dangerous for the spine when it is poorly executed. The bust statement is often performed by bending the back without a sufficiently developed abdominal belt. Ultimately, this can lead to irreversible damage to the spine, which finds itself overstretched.

This is just one example among many others. Whatever sport you want to practice, it is strongly recommended that you be accompanied (at least at the beginning) by a professional fitness instructor. The latter can offer you a tailor-made program and correct your postures if necessary.

About author:

In order to give you the best advice, The Wellness Wonderland has called on the fitness trainer Matthew Fletcher. He specializes in weight management and strength training.

He also enriched his knowledge in the field of sports by obtaining the diploma of physical trainer specializing in Personal Trainer.

Matthew was a long-term athlete who started lifting weights for basketball in high school. He is a 5-time national qualifier in NPC USA Championships Men’s Bodybuilding competitions and an occasional powerlifter and all-around fitness enthusiast.

He purchased a small place in rural Missouri and quickly converted it into a complete gym with all commercial fitness equipment.

Matthew Fletcher

His passion for fitness and competition led him to pursue micronutrition training while continuing to do a personalized follow-up in fitness coaching. Matthew brings The Wellness Wonderland readers a user’s experience in a wide range of exercise equipment suited for commercial gyms or homes and personal usage cases. With more than 15 years of personal experience in training people of all levels, from teens to senior citizens, he’ll help you find the best product for the price.

Aside from weight lifting in his gym, Matthew prefers being active in the outdoors and is always in the process of planning new hiking or cycling adventure.

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The Wellness Wonderland is a website dedicated to provide consumer-friendly resources on fitness equipments, gears, and fitness guides. Our team members are passionate about helping you to choose the best fitness equipment based on your fitness goals, body type, budget and more.

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