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ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Reviews – Is it Worth Buying?

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Review

If you’re looking for an elliptical machine equipped with numerous workout programs and an adjustable stride length, as well as a great warranty. In that case, the ProForm carbon Ex elliptical machine is the ideal workout trainer for you.

It also comes with heart rate monitors and an easy-to-follow assembly guide to start your workout routine fully on your elliptical.

The ProForm carbon base EL elliptical and E7 are similar to the EX in the carbon series. But, what makes the ProForm carbon Ex unique among other ProForm ellipticals is its advanced elliptical features and its 325 lb weight capacity.

This elliptical is essential if you plan for Cardio training and High-intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn calories. It will serve as the means to move forward with your weight loss and fitness goals.


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Assembly Guide


Proform Carbon EX Elliptical Reviews

Proform Carbon EX Elliptical Features

Build & Design

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical - Build and Design

The ProForm Carbon EX fitness machine has impressive features combined with an IFIT technology and various workout training programs. This elliptical was created with a solid steel construction design, a front-drive system coupled with a 20-degree incline, and controlled resistance levels. Its dimensions read a 68.5” L X 25” W X 67.75, and it also comes with an inbuilt 6” display screen.


The ProForm Carbon elliptical trainer is equipped with advanced inertia heavier flywheel system. The flywheel system runs with a speedy gear ratio and an efficient weight placement to simulate the natural flow and motion of striding. It has a smooth pedal system that utilizes a 20-pound flywheel which is essential for comfortable workouts. This elliptical has a low impact joint strain, so the heavier the elliptical flywheel, the more comfortable and smooth the elliptical feels while you workout.


Handlebars on an Elliptical machine were made for support and are important for exercising your arms, especially when using an elliptical with an adjustable handlebar. The ProForm Carbon elliptical machine has a contact grip sensor built into its handlebars. These sensors monitor and record your heart rate on their console while you work out and are essential for constantly checking out your exercise progress.

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical - Handlebars

Stride Length

Most elliptical trainers have a longer stride length that accommodates you and satisfies your workout needs. The ProForm Carbon EX elliptical prioritizes this by utilizing an adjustable power stride length of 0 to 19 inches which can be repositioned according to your required fit. This feature makes it easier and more comfortable for you and anyone working out on the ProForm elliptical trainer.

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Trainer - Stride Length


The ProForm Carbon EX elliptical machine was constructed to accommodate most body sizes with its durability. Overall the size of the elliptical itself is just above 200 lb, and it is equipped with a 20-pound flywheel and 20 levels of magnetic resistance. It can hold up to 325 lb maximum weight capacity. So no matter what your body weight is, with this elliptical’s adjustable handlebars and smart features, you easily enjoy a daily workout on this elliptical machine.

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Machine - Size

Smart Features

Working out on your ProForm EX CrossFit trainer makes for a more enjoyable and entertaining experience. It is packed with smart features like advanced Bluetooth connectivity, a 6” high contrast display, and a convenient tablet and a water bottle holder. The ProForm ellipticals also come with the best features; an impressive IFIT trainer technology is complete with so many workout training programs you might never view them all. It also has contact grip heart rate monitors that read your progress using your body’s pulse. And it also comes with an audio port with dual speakers.

ProForm Carbon EX - Features


The ProForm Carbon EX is an ideal elliptical for your home gym. Taking regard to its generous resistance levels, adjustable stride, and IFIT programs, it can keep you efficiently stimulated while you workout. Its programs and features aid in Cardio workouts, HIIT workouts and normal level workouts with a low impact joint stress to effectively aid you in achieving your required fitness goals.

Workout Program:

ProForm Carbon EX elliptical has an IFIT program with different levels and their respective prices. Your IFIT personal training subscription comes with a large library of workout training programs. You can utilize these programs for solo runs while its live coaches control the elliptical’s speed and digital resistance levels to follow your workout pace. Although it has an unlimited resource of workout training programs, the ProForm EX elliptical lacks a preloaded program since it is suited to worth with an IFIT technology.


Most elliptical machines are created with a silent magnetic resistance, and the ProForm Carbon elliptical trainer comes with just that. Using its silent Magnetic resistance (SMR), the elliptical makes each machine’s resistance levels feel smooth and frictionless while working out. Due to this frictionless feature, it makes the elliptical noiseless and comfortable to use.

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical Specifications

Display6-inch contrast display screen
SensorsPulse grips and Chest strap compatible monitoring sensors
Drive SystemFront-drive
Resistance MechanismECB resistance
Resistance Level26 levels
Incline SystemPower incline technology
Incline level 1 – 20
Ramp angle 0 to 20 degrees
Workout Programs6 standard programs
5 custom programs
2 heart rate programs
DimensionsHeight 71”
Length 82”
Step up Height 14”
Maximum stride lengths 20-to-22 inch
Elliptical Weight200 lbs.
User Weight Capacity325 lbs
Extra FeaturesBluetooth speakers
Tablet/Phone holder
USB charging port
Bluetooth compatible
Water bottle holder
ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical - Rating

ProForm Carbon EX Elliptical



  • 30-Day iFIT Family Membership Included.
  • Immersive 7-inch interactive HD touchscreen streams live & on-demand iFIT workouts.
  • 20-Degree Adjustable Power Incline and 24 Digital Levels of Resistance (auto-adjust).








 iFIT Program

Workout Programs


24 Level Up

Resistance Level
  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Fitness apps

  • Tablet holder

  • USB charging port

  • Oversized cushioned pedals

  • Water bottle holder

  • Not foldable

  • No workout cooling fan

Demo Footage

Assembly Guide

Assembling your ProForm Carbon elliptical takes time and care. You may have to hire a professional technician to do it quickly and more efficiently so you can quickly start your workout journey. If you also want to try assembling the elliptical yourself, with a little help from an extra person, you can assemble your elliptical using the appropriate assembly manual guide made available on the ProForm website.


ProForm Carbon EX elliptical was manufactured with accommodating resistance, stride lengths, and durable steel construction. It has over 10 years warranty for the frame, two years for elliptical parts and a year for labor which is an excellent form for elliptical.


1. What is the weight limit on a ProForm Carbon EX elliptical?

The ProForm Carbon EX elliptical machine has a maximum user weight of 325 lb, which can safely support various body sizes and attest to its durability.

2. Does ProForm Carbon EX elliptical have Bluetooth?

The ProForm Carbon EX elliptical trainer is a great machine that is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, and you can easily connect it to your phone or tablet to enable your IFIT workout programs and also use its Bluetooth dual speakers for smooth operation.


If you’re looking for an elliptical for your home gym in one of the Carbon series ellipticals, you can bet the ProForm Carbon EX elliptical is the best fit. It’s affordable and also high quality, taking into consideration all your needs with its special quality features and workout programs. You can be assured of your body goals in just a few months of actively exercising daily on your elliptical while enjoying every moment of it.

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