Best Podcast For Fitness And Wellness

Best Podcast For Fitness And Wellness Training

Podcasts accompanied many people during long commutes, workouts at the gym, or in the bathtub, among other places. According to a study done in 2016, listening to podcasts stimulates both side hemispheres of the brain. Accessing information via a human voice can generate brain cells responsible for emotion, sensor activity, and main memory. Podcasts interact …

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Coaching with Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher’s approach to personal training combines over 15 years of experience, more than 1000+ clients, and collaboration with the leading experts in the media field. After opening the exclusive personal training gym in 2007, Mathew has become one of the most recognized physical trainers in the industry. The roster of clients he has worked …

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Abbey Moore On Photography, Friendship, Travel, And Moore

Abbey Moore

I love hosting this podcast so much for so many reasons. One of the main ones is that I meet tons of cool people and have long conversations with them uninterrupted by technology or distractions. But this episode is a bit different, and I’m not meeting someone new. Instead, I’m interviewing an old friend of …

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Importance Of Morning Routines | 11 Ways To Start Your Day Right

Importance Of Morning Routines

I’ve spoken many times around Wellness Wonderland about the importance of morning routines. Like here, and remember all the crazy things I do in the mornings like Oil Pull & water with lemon? Well, those are all well and good, but lately, I needed more. I wanted to fall in love with my morning routine …

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