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Sole E35 Elliptical Reviews – Expert’s Choice in 2022

Sole Fitness E35 Review

The Sole E35 Elliptical Machine is Sole’s swish dealing elliptical machine. It’s nicely priced, erected for the average stoner, and has excellent functionality, with a 25-pound flywheel and 20” pedal span. The E35 provides the voguish bang for your buck when it comes to elliptical coaches. 

The Sole E35 elliptical machine is covered by Sole’s emotional continuance bond on the frame, with five times content on the motor. It’s also backed by Sole’s exceptional character for quality products and design.

This elliptical machine is well priced. The price class is generally under $1500, which makes it affordable for the utmost people.


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Assembly Guide


Sole E35 Elliptical Review

Sole E35 Elliptical Features

Build & Design

Sole E35 - Build and Design


Flywheel weight is another vital spec you will want to pay attention to because it relates directly to how smooth the elliptical operation is going to feel. Just like in spin bikes, utmost home ellipticals use a weighted flywheel to give the resistance. A heavier flywheel is best to be considered. This is because the spare weight builds will further instigate as the flywheel spins.

This additional agitation aids in the rotation of the flywheel (and the pedals attached to it), reducing the time between pedal strokes. As a result, the lift is more fluid and smoother. Heavier flywheels should also provide more resistance than those that are lighter. Consider that, and you’ll see that it’s an additional burden to bear. The glamorous system also influences the resistance levels. Almost all decent home elliptical machines these days employ a variety of varying resistance levels. Lodestones are placed on both sides of the material flywheel in these devices to make them work.

Sole E35 - Flywheel

Changing the distance between the lodestones and the flywheel can increase or drop the resistance you feel. When it comes to home ellipticals, 20 lb is considered the minimum necessary to ensure a smooth lift. This rule is not written in monuments, and it does not mean ellipticals with lighter flywheels can’t feel miraculous. It is preferable to have a flywheel that weighs more than 20 pounds.

Sole E35 comes with a 25 lb flywheel. This exceeds our 20 lb thing and should be a cornucopia of mass to offer a smooth sense. Most stoners would agree with this statement predicated on the reviews these elliptical racks over. The E35 elliptical comes with 20 situations of resistance and 20 power-shaped grade situations to give you a cornucopia of control over the intensity of your exercises. This elliptical has enough muscle under the hood to challenge the most blessed athletes indeed around.

Another nice thing about being suitable to adjust the grade is that it allows you to target different muscle groups – adding the grade angle will target your glutes and hamstrings more. Overall, the E35 scores largely in the flywheel department. The combination of resistance and grade situations also gives you a lot of twitch room to set and progress the intensity of your exercises.


The Sole E35, like its siblings, also has stable and multi-position movable handlebars that operate in tandem with the pedals. The static bars are attached strongly to the frame and do not move. These give a necessary hand position when getting on and off the elliptical. This is an important safety point. We have tested ellipticals that do not have stationary bars, and they are truly delicate to get on and off safely — indeed for immature people with good balance. The static bars sit below the press and are attached to the mainframe.

The raised bars align with the pedals and allow for a full-body drill on the E35. The addition of an upper-body workout provides a full-body drill on the Sole E35. The custom putrefied handgrips give a comfortable sense. There are also grade and resistance controls in the handles for accessible use. Sole also added erected-in pulsation sensors for covering your heart rate in the stationary bars. A heart rate casket belt is also included for interactive programs for hands-free pulsation monitoring and heart rate.

Sole E35 - handlebars

The multi- position bars have several grip positions. These bars angle to form a bit that provides two vertical and two perpendicular hand positions. The moving handles are angled up to give a vertical grip so you can keep your wrists, elbows, and shoulders in alignment while in use. A spongy grip material adds a bit of cushion to the brand shaft bars.

The rotating bars also include adaption buttons to control your resistance and grade without having to remove your hands from the bars. This is truly helpful. These are placed at what would generally be thumb height on the outside of the vertical grip.

Stride Length

The stride length is measured in elevation and refers to the distance the pedals move anterior to back during your drill. This distance is critical because it will dictate how comfortable (or uncomfortable) your workouts are going to be for as long as you enjoy the said elliptical exercise equipment.

Changing your applicable stride length depends on your height and leg length, but it’s been shown that a stride length of 20 ″ will fit the utmost stoners comfortably. Sole E35 has a gold standard for quality home ellipticals. It also comes with a 20-stride length.

sole e35 - stride length

Many elliptical machines offer longer stride lengths in the 22 ″ – 24 ″ range, but they’re rare enough in this price range. Others, like the miraculous Sole E95S, offer power malleable stride lengths, giving you the capability to set your preferred stride length (but you’ll have to pay further for this technology). The Sole E35, like all Sole ellipticals, comes with a heavy-duty brand frame that will give a solid base during your exercises. Sole E35 weighs 231 lb when it’s fully assembled.

Because of this added weight and stability, this Sole E35 elliptical is suitable for safely handling stoners up to 375 lb. This is emotional in any price range, considering the normal is more in the 300 – 350 lb range. Structural integrity is a pivotal aspect of all Sole fitness products, and the E35 doesn’t fail.


Custom Designed Adjustable Foot Pedals

These unique bottom foot pedals were developed in collaboration with a leading physical therapist. Together with SOLE engineers, they designed a 2-degree inward pitch to the bottom pedals, which reduces ankle and knee stress common in other Light Marketable elliptical machines.

Sole E35 - Pedals

Articulating/ Malleable Bottom Pedals

Not everyone walks the same; for this reason, we have made the pedals articulating/ malleable to fit the way you walk. The sole E35, E55, and E95 all include nethermost pedals with position adaptation features. It helps reduce the numb toe goods and sore Achilles tendons, helping addicts concentrate less on being uncomfortable and more focused on achieving pretensions.

Size and Frame

Exercise tools can be bulky and occupy up a lot of room on the surface. Many fitness centers may not have this issue, but floor space is essential for residential usage.

Nautilus, Inc. engineers identified this requirement and designed the Nautilus E35 elliptical with a modest form that allows it to suit into a variety of residential settings.

The Nautilus E35 Elliptical can fit in any area of your training space with its dimensions of 82 x 375 x 71 (LxWxH).

The Sole E35 Elliptical also uses a heavy thick brand designed to support high user weight capacities. The frame also includes multi-position handgrips to help give drill disunion.

Smart Features

  • Backlit Display- This is one of the E35 features. The screen is not HD nor touchscreen, and regardless, it’s big and bright enough for your workouts. It displays all the vital criteria at the same time without having to toggle a button or stay for them to overlook.
  • Fitness Apps- Bluetooth can be used to sync up with the free Sole fitness app and other popular fitness apps for tracking fitness data.
  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers – hear to your music from your smart bias through the built-in speakers on the press.
  • Integrated tablet holder – allows stoners the freedom of using their smart bias to watch shows or follow their drill routines.
  • USB Charging Port – there’s an erected-in USB harborage. You can use to charge your bias during your exercises. It’s always nice to know you aren’t draining your phone while harkening to music.
  • Bluetooth Technology – Sole fitness now allows trainers the freedom to transfer drill data via Bluetooth from their Sole fitness outfit to their smart device. Trainers can download and track their word on the Sole fitness equipment app for free or have their fitness data be transferred to any of the following fitness apps (Fitbit, Record, Apple Health)
  • Power Incline– This point separates SOLE from the rest of the requests. It creates a completely different drill that targets areas of the lower body that generally would not be worked out on an elliptical without a Power Incline.


Workout Programs

There are 6 pre-programmed workout data on the Sole E35 elliptical that will guide you through various intensities and resistance. These includes:

  • 6 Standard workout Programs
  • 2 Custom workout Programs
  • 2 Heart workout Programs

All 10 Drill Programs design, like all other Sole elliptical trainers, only has 10 complete workouts from which to choose. Six regular workouts (cardio, fat burn, hill, and so on), two personalized workouts, and two heart rate-regulated activities are included. Although it isn’t a large drill collection, it covers all of the essentials.


Since the sole E35 elliptical uses glamorous eddy current resistance, the machine is truly quiet when in use. The pedals glide, and handles are attached, so you don’t disturb those around you. The motor makes a bit of noise when inclining or declining, but this is subtle and limited to when you confirm the grade. In general, the Sole E35 elliptical machine can be used in shared spaces. The lack of bottom noise level due to the smooth action of the elliptical pedals makes a big difference in noise control.

Sole E35 Elliptical Specifications

Display7.5 inch white backlit LCD
SensorsPulse Grips & Chest Strap Compatible monitoring sensors
Drive SystemFront-drive
Resistance MechanismECB
Resistance Level20 levels
Incline SystemsPower Incline technology
Incline Level 1 – 20
Ramp angle 0 to 20 degrees
Workout Programs6 standard programs
2 custom programs
2 heart rate programs
DimensionsHeight  71″
Length  82″
Width  31″
Step Up Height  14″
Maximum stride length 20-to-22-inch
Elliptical weight231 lbs.
User Weight Capacity375 lbs
Extra FeaturesBluetooth Speaker
Tablet/Phone Holder
USB Port Charging
Bluetooth Compatible
Inbuilt Cooling Fans
Water Bottle Holder
Sole E35 Elliptical Rating

Sole E35 Elliptical



  • Built with an ECB drive system for a noiseless workout.
  • Pulse Grips & Chest Strap sensor for monitoring real-time heart rate.
  • Has a power incline feature for additional resistance as well as variable positions.








10 Programs

Workout Programs


20 Level Up

Resistance Level
  • Wireless HR detectors and an included HR casket belt for real-time data.
  • 10 preloaded drill programs don't support the internet.
  • Power grade with 20 situations.
  • Gentled pedals are malleable.
  • Quiet eddy current resistance.
  • Excellent bond.
  • Low price marker.
  • Has a good-sized footmark and doesn't fold up
  • Stride length cannot be docked lower than 20.”
  • No subscription content or app programs play on the press

Demo Footage

Assembly Guide

Putting the sole E35 elliptical together can be stressful. The biggest problem is that they include too multitudinous goods in each step.

According to their manual, there are only 4 ways to assemble this sole E35 elliptical machine. But when you get into it, you realize that each step has like 10 different ways in it. They give you the written instructions for the first 2 ways on one runner and the images for those ways on another runner. And it’s the same way for ways 3 and 4. This forces you to go back and forth between runners for reference while putting the elliptical together. The process itself is fairly straightforward, but having it all the way mashed together can be a little inviting.

Fortunately, there are assembling videos on Youtube you can reference if necessary. All the necessary tools are included.

Overall, the assembly process is a bit challenging but achievable. However, paying for professional assembly is always an option, If in distrustfulness.


  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Electronics and parts: Five years
  • Labor: Two years

Sole fitness equipment does not mess around with its guarantees. This brand is known for offering a long warranty on the Sole E35 elliptical machine. It has a very reasonable warranty for a decent amount longer than what they offer on the entry-level Sole E25 elliptical.

Continuance on the lifetime frame is obviously miraculous, but 5 times on all corridors and electronics are great too. For comparison, it’s not uncommon to see 2- 3-time corridor guarantees on nice ellipticals. Two times on labor is also generous in a request where 1 time is enough standard.


The Sole E35 elliptical machine is a very popular elliptical model. It’s a quiet elliptical machine. It’s well priced, well designed, a quality elliptical, and works perfectly for the average user. For utmost people, the Sole E35 elliptical works great with a 20” stride length, 25-pound flywheel, and 374-pound weight capacity. It also has 20 resistance situations and 20-grade situations, which you can mix and match for varied training.

Conforming the grade also targeted muscle toning so that you can train specific groups in both your lower and upper body. This is an excellent full-body trainer where you can build different muscles with low impact, quiet, and easy to use, as it is better than most ellipticals.

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew Fletcher

Matthew is a fully qualified fitness trainer specializing in weight management and strength training. He is a certified trainer with more than 15 years of training experience. He uses his technical know-how's with his passion for fitness to provide thoughtful curation of objective exercise equipment reviews. His insightful reviews will help you find the best fitness product for the price.

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