Hacks To Stay In Wonderland Throughout The Day

It’s easy to stay in your Wellness Wonderland / high-vibe state in the morning while you’re going through your morning routine, it’s throughout the day where we get triggered by the busyness of life and become stressed out. We talk a lot about how to start our day or end our day for happiness, but what about the middle of the day when you’re working and need tools to stay sane the most. Here are a few tips to keep you healthy, happy, and centered throughout the day while you’re at work and busy.

1. Breathe- Take deep breaths throughout the day. We often hold our breath when we’re stressed but simply breathing can relax your mind and body.
2. Hydrate like A Boss- Yes drinking water is crucial since being dehydrated can make your brain work less effectively, but the real reason I like drinking water at my desk is because it forces me to actually get up and move to go to the bathroom. When I’m focused on a project it is so easy to say sedentary for hours. Drinking water forces me to get up.
3. Move As Much As Possible- Our bodies aren’t designed to sit in chairs all day and stare at screens which is why simply getting up and moving every hour at least is important. It has even been said that sitting is the new smoking. So get up and dance to a song every so often or do some squats or drop into a plank  if you work from home. If you work at an office walk to someone’s desk instead of emailing every once and awhile or take the stairs on your way in from lunch.
4. Be Around People- If you work in an office this one is easy (skip to number 5) but if you don’t this one might be the most important. If you’re an entrepreneur or have a remote working situation or home office, it seems ideal and in a lot of ways it is, short commute, great cafeteria etc. However, it is easy to hibernate and spend countless hours alone with no other human contact (I know I’ve done it). This sounds innocent enough but can create extreme cabin fever which is why getting out in public is crucial. This could be as simple as running some errands at lunch working from a coffee shop or better yet, joining a co-working space (this one looks rad) to get the feel of an office environment without the negative aspects. When people come together, creativity can maximize! Remember we’re social creatures for force yourself to get out for your health.
5. Candle Meditation To Refocus Your Eyes- Just like we weren’t meant to sit for long periods, we also weren’t designed to stare at screens for hours either so our eyes can get tired before our minds do. To help with this, simply stare on the flickering flame of a candle for about a minute, take some deep breaths. This will not only refocus your eyes, but calm you down as well.
7. Pulse Meditation- When we spend the entire day focused on to-do lists and other people’s agenda’s it is very easy to loose track of ourselves and become disconnected from our bodies. Have you ever come home at the end of a long work day to watch an entire bowl of popcorn disappear in seconds right before your eyes? It’s easy to go all day without eating or even checking in with our bodies at all which leads to overeating at the end of the day. This tip connects you in with your body throughout so you know what it actually needs and wants. Simply place your thumb on your pulse on your wrist. Then on each beat repeat a mantra in your mind like, “calm-down, calm-down”  for about a minute. You can do this at your desk, stuck in traffic, or even in a meeting, no one will know (trust me) and they’ll thank you for it later because you’ll be more chill.
8. Start With Important Tasks First- Do you ever have so much to do that you don’t even know where to begin when you sit down to work? Willpower is a limited resource so when you’re at your desk you’ll want to get the most important tasks done first since willpower diminishes as the day goes on. Also, if you get done your creative projects first this will inspire you and spark momentum to keep going throughout the day.
9. Don’t Get Caught On Email- Email is a time suck no matter how many messages are in your inbox. When you start your day by answering emails, it is easy to spend the entire day simply responding to other people’s non urgent requests and tasks instead of completing your own. Instead of using your inbox as your to-do list, do your important tasks first and then go into your inbox with a set amount of time for responding so it doesn’t suck your entire day. What I do, is send all the important messages I need to send before I even start reading or replying, that way what I wanted to send doesn’t get forgotten and I can check that off my list. If you use gmail, I’ve found this tool Boomerang to be extremely helpful. It takes messages from your inbox out and sends them back to you when you’ll actually have time to review them per your request so messages aren’t missed.
10. Make It Feel Nice- Regardless of your work environment do what you can to ignite your senses and make it feel good to you. Keep your space tidy, keep smells you like on hand I like essential oil or my little Imbibe Epoch Fragrance at my desk or in my bag. I also constantly listen to music while I’m working. It inspires me to keep moving or calms me down depending on what I’m listening to. Here’s my Spotify if you want to listen with me.

What work tips work for you? Let me know, I’m always looking for good tips.




My Experience at Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass


Can you spot me in that crowd? I’m there in the front row, seat 111. Seriously. I will never forget that moment of Gabby coming out onto the stage and locking in at me as she begins telling the story of how she began in vivid detail I’d never heard before. More than any other time in my life I felt so certain I was meant to be somewhere..in that room, in that seat, surrounded by those people, at that time. It was epic and changed my life and the course of my career.

I had been asking my mentor Gabby to teach me how to do what she does in my own way for years. I heard she once asked Marianne Williamson how she could share spirituality 924580_1470695189864313_658335621_nwith her generation, so I asked Gabby that same question on her radio show when I was 19 years old and soon realized I wasn’t the only one asking her that (luckily because WE’RE ALL NEEDED!). Her answer for me & everyone of what to do if you have a message to share and an urge to teach?
Spirit Junkie Masterclass. 

This three day weekend extravaganza filled with guest speakers (yep that’s crazy sexy Kris Carr), networking, speaking training, business training, extensive live q & a, workbooks, and all the support a girl could ask for with a side of dancing & fun was an experience I will never forget.

This experience changed me, on a deep level. I’m not only grateful for it but I’m honestly kind of in awe of it. Hearing Gabby be so real with us, trusting us to open up about the inner workings of how she runs her spiritual business was really amazing. She left nothing out, answered every question, regardless of how personal or deep. She brought her best fri10666040_695282437228036_796817099_nends, coaches, and colleagues in to teach their areas of expertise too. Her mission of not creating disciples but rather teachers is such a beautiful mission and will truly change the world way more than she could alone (although she’s an epic powerhouse duh). I considered myself her biggest disciple but now I have become her biggest teacher and that’s was Spirit Junkie Masterclass allowed me to do.

Since then, I have built a coaching practice, built my podcast to more subscribers than I ever thought possible, and am working on finishing my first book with Hay House which will be out in less than a year and Gabby wrote the forward. I tell you this not to boast, but to inspire you with what’s possible when you listen to a call to teach and SHOW UP, literally for SJMC and simply for yourself an10693336_646892608762990_728514224_nd your life purpose.

Anyways, clearly I just had a big ball so I highly suggest you check it out if you’ve been hearing the call to share, lead, or teach in your unique way. Your way may not be a blog, podcast, or youtube channel although it might be and I can’t wait to listen, watch, and link to it, but also it might be bringing these messages into the office or to your kindergarden classroom or to your family. Wherever you feel called to share the message just share it because


So yeah I had a blast and I thought I’d show you below some of the cool peeps I met while I was there, many of them are WWRadio podcast alumni you’ll recognize including Jordan Bach who  I was able to hug & selfie along with many of the NYC guests.


-The one and only Jordan Bach, just as wise in person as he was on episode 46.

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom from him:…Just click right on ‘em to tweet.

“The Universe wants to support you, you just need to let go.” 

“The deeper the impact the bigger the audience will be.” 

“Wellness is a state of relaxation into who we really are & that feels like a Wonderland.” 


-A season one staple, the beautiful Be Well With Arielle is one of the most beautiful, glowing, and delightful people I know and it was so fun to hang with her. She was actually Gabby’s first ever coaching client…showing how amazing working with Gabby can be, Arielle now has her own cooking show! + a jewelry business & health coaching practice. Woah.

-Listen to us chat here: Arielle J. Fierman 



-One of my first guests ever, the beautiful queen of Health Coaches Robyn Youkilis is one of my main mentors. She talks her talk and walks her walk and that was super clear in person this weekend.  The beautiful woman has the best energy and I just simply loved being around her!

-Listen to us chat here: Robyn Youkilis  



-Last but not least, obviously got to hang with my main squeeze Gabby B. Here’s our epic talk if you’ve missed that.Here’s the episode with the one and only-Gabrielle 

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom from it:

“We are all called to step up & be loud, the form is irrelevant.”

“Your  purpose is telling your story of how you change your thoughts to love.”

10665430_935992696414826_1527202611_n-Last but not least, I must give a huge shout out to my friend and spiritual running buddy Steph. She is a beautiful person and our late night chats about literally everything, our high-vibe dinners, breakfasts, and lunches, our long walks (where she navigated & I held the umbrella) and our long lingering hugs were my favorite part of the weekend. My wish for all of WW-land is that you can manifest a friend like this to hold space for you in the way Steph does for me. If you’re considering going to Spirit Junkie Masterclass I highly suggest getting a friend to go with you or be willing to make one there. Steph and I didn’t really know each other other than from online before this weekend and this experience really cemented our friendship.

Follow her on Insta & her blog…she’s a powerful force.

ps. check it out one of my classmates had a WW-land tat! How cool?



EPISODE 066 | Madelyn Moon

Madelyn Moon is my friend as well as a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in nutrition, fitness, and body image. She has spent the last several years training for fitness competitions and modeling photo shoots, only to come to the conclusion that real satisfaction and self-worth is found in a completely different place. Her mission is to shed light on how unique and perfect every individual is, and how they can come to realize the true potential already existing within. Madelyn is the creator of the program Body Freedom that helps people learn to ditch their crazy habits around food and find true happiness and host of the Mind Body Musings Podcast.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM


Notes from my announcements:
-Check out Maddy’s rad program Body Freedom it closes May 17th and she’s only letting 50 people sign up.so sign up quick it’s almost fully already. 
-Read Maddy’s Book, The Perfection Myth 
-Sign up for my email list here, to stay updated for all things WWLand.
-My episode on her Mind Body Musing Podcast, hear me in the host seat.

Notes from the show:
-email me if you have questions on her program, my story or anything.
-Body Freedom, Maddy’s amazing new program to love yourself.

-Maddy’s Website | Her Program Body Freedom | Facebook | Twitter

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“Unconditional happiness is just a feeling & has nothing to do with how your body looks.”

“We can trust ourselves with food and be happy.”

“We have a body are aren’t our bodies.”

“Our imperfections make #WellnessWonderland perfect.”


-Make a feast and fast list for yourself of things you want more of and things you want less of in your life.
-Move to a place you really want to be. If you know that the place you are living really isn’t serving you anymore, move because life is short and it can make a huge difference in your happiness.
-Limit the stressors in your life as much as possible.

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March Favorites // Gratitudes {Video}

So psyched to share what I loved in March with you guys. Here are the links to everything I shared above. If you have any questions let me know & let me know in the comments what you loved this month. oh and if you missed last month’s February video here’s that.

1. Splurge Tinted Chapstick
2. Tongue Scraper
3. Mindy Kaling’s Book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without me? (And Other Concerns)
4. Danielle LaPorte’s TruthBomb Deck
5. Treat Yo Self Mug
6. 1989 Album
7. Podcast Being Boss


April Monthly Meanderings

10560946_1641654029391858_1207689223_n 11049265_980776661933016_988698059_n 11084755_363674157152811_477083732_n 11085104_1607337082845771_1320607108_n 11117100_469598353187193_1800268784_n
New month and not just any month, my birthday month and that means stellar Monthly Meanderings. If you’re new to WW-land, Monthly Meanderings are things that have genuinely inspired or intrigued me around the web over the past month. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Have an amazing time meandering the rest of what the internet has to offer until I see you back here in Wonderland. Keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so) until we meet back here in WW-land next week (or sooner).

-A song for you meandering time. 

-Have you seen my How To Be Happy Video yet?

-The latest WWRadio episode was quite controversial as it discussed SEX. Have you listened? She has a rad Sex & Medicine Summit going on right now too that you should for sure check out.

-Is your relationship with exercise healthy? Get honest like my friend did in this post. 

-My cliff notes to Moon Phases and why they are important to understand. 

-RAD ted talk I dig his podcast London Real too. You should check that out as well.

You can have no clue how beautiful you are by looking in the mirror. 

My interview on Mindful Meals. 

The most amazing Oprah interview ever, she is in the hot-seat and inspires like a boss. 

-One of my favorite people (and podcast guests) ever Quinn is hosting this awesome summit you absolutely must check out! I’m a speaker too!

-How yum does this smoothie look. omg. 

-Watch the beginning of this video (first minute or so). Josh Randor explains why Happy Thank You More Please is my favorite movie. So good.

-Prepare to laugh so hard. Elna Baker is an amazing storyteller and I love her.

-My girls at Imbibe Skincare lowered their prices to make their natural high-vibe organic goodness more accessible. Gotta love em. We talk, they listen. So cool of them.

-One of my best friends, Simi (it’s her Birthday today!) launched this amazing course, Finally Free which is a virtual Health Coaching program that will help you ditch diets and become an intuitive eater once and for all. Check it out.

-Frizzy hair? Here are your natural solutions. 

-Want more meanderings? Here’s last month’s incase you missed them!

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