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I posted this photo on Instagram about how I started applying Castor Oil to my eye-lids before bed as a method of growing longer eye-lashes. I had lots of questions about this so I thought I’d make a quick video about it. Try it out if you want long lashes because Castor Oil stimulates hair growth. Simply apply  to your eye-lash line after you’ve washed your face and removed your eye makeup (I use coconut oil as an eye makeup remove and it works like a charm). So watch the video for more info and let me know if you have questions! & Share this method with a friend by clicking here! {Tweet it out!}

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url-2I’m super excited for episode 041 of the WWRadio because this week’s guest is author, speaker, health advocate, and film maker Joe Cross.  Better known as Joe the Juicer, Joe is the film maker behind the amazing documentary film Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. Joe is as down to earth as he seems in the film and his insights, wisdom, and charisma in this episode with inspire you for days. We get into everything from the physical and emotional benefits of rebooting (or juicing), how periods of feast and famine are natural in our human history, how sustaining a healthy lifestyle should be fun, how fast food companies can be his best friend, how his life has changed since the movie, his new book, and more. I love that Joe doesn’t promote depravation and rather advocates enjoying life to the fullest, including eating his favorite chocolate ice cream every time he’s in London. You’ll adore this episode as much as I enjoyed having it.

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My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“Rebooting is more about the mental clarity than the physical when you’re balanced.”

“Rebooting is a time machine, to go back to a time of feast & famine.”

“People are smart, but crowds are dumb.”

“This is not about weight-loss this is about increasing nutrients.” 


When your body is already in a state of balance it is still good to do a reboot at least once per year. To figure out the right amount of time for rebooting is individual and you should follow your intuition. When rebooting isn’t so much about the physical anymore, the benefits become the mental clarity and deeper awareness. Since your body is in survival mode your senses are heightened and your awareness is stronger. Joe says you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced this.  Joe suggests that as humans mother nature has taken us through periods of feast and famine throughout history so taking your body through that is natural and healthy and famine naturally won’t come to our cities anymore because of the way society is set up now.

Links we mention:

His first movie Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead 
Reboot With Joe
Joe’s new book! Reboot With Joe Juice Diet Book
101 Juice Recipes
His favorite author Vince Flynn
His Favorite juice recipe, his lean mean green juice!
My post about meeting Joe for the first time!
Another post about it!

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Juicy Monday Meanderings

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How was your weekend Wonderland? Did you do any spring cleaning? I’ve been cleaning myself out in many ways because spring is the ideal time to cleanse your body & space. I not only deeply cleaned my closet, but I’ve been juice cleansing with the help of Drought, an amazing local raw organic juice company who ships nationally! Find out more about Drought on their episode of WWRadio from a while back and if you want to learn more about the benefits of juicing or rebooting, stick around Wonderland because this week’s WWRadio guest is the king of juicing himself, Joe Cross from Fat Sick & Nearly Dead.   Many great  posts coming to you from me this week, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my juicy weekend & below are my meanderings of the inspiring internet over the past week of things that caught my eye.

-Did you see my Q & A video last week? I answer the question ‘How to know which diet is right for you?’ in a video this week! 

-Did you guys hear my very special edition of #WWRadio episode 040 last week? My guest was Gabrielle Bernstein and the episode was a hit! 

-Excited about this book from the Organic Avenue founder 

-Healthy Crush’s top 3 tools from Miracles Now 

-My Miracles Now Review

& want to chat about our experience reading Miracles Now? Join our book club on Facebook right here!

-Blake Lively is so down to earth 

-My latest Mind Body Green Article! 

-How to feel better in 1 minute! 

-7 Steps To Having Any Hard Conversation

-When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off! 

-How emotional eating is NOT wrong. 

-What Americans will look like in 2050! 

-My favorite supplement to talk and why! 

-Define your genius state! 

-Watch these! 

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Q & A | Which Eating Strategy Is Right For Me?

This is probably my favorite video and topic I’ve done yet. Such a great reader question (leave yours below on any wellness topic, from yoga, to wellness tips) and   something  I honestly needed to explore in myself. I was looking at my friend’s diets and thinking I needed to change my eating strategy simply because they had. I was feeling great from what I was doing, but contemplated radical changes because of comparison. Silly, isn’t it? But, I fear I’m not alone in this.

I believe that when it comes to our eating strategy (diet is a dirty word in Wonderland) we must absolutely do what is right for our totally unique dynamic bodies and trust that there is not one solution for everyone and what works for you now might be completely different than what will work three months from now.


The tricky thing with diets (and in general life) is comparison. Comparison is the thief of joy. When looking at other people it’s easy to get lost in a comparison spiral, thinking, “Wow it seems to be working for them, I should be doing that too.” Comparison is a slippery slope and it is easy to get stucked into. So instead of letting your comparison spiral, take a lesson from my mom :

Concern yourself with YOU! Because comparison steals your joy! {Tweet That}  


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urlIt’s a milestone for the WWRadio, this is episode number 40! Who better to bring us into the forties than my mentor and guru, the one and only Gabrielle Bernstein. If you’ve spent any time in Wonderland at all you already know that Gabby is a beyond successful author, speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, Kundalini yoga teacher, and all around awesome lady who is legit changing the world. Her work is a direct reflection of the authentic transformational work she’s done on herself and her ability to teach others  to implement these principles to change their lives as well. She is obviously a huge inspiration to me & I’m thrilled to share my conversation with her with Wonderland. She is everything she appears to be and more. If you’re new to Gabby she has so much to offer you! Her third book, Miracles Now is essentially a “Gabby Bernstein Greatest Hits Album.” Her previous 3 books have been best sellers & are mainstays on my self. Gabby is an amazing writer, but what she loves doing is speaking! You must see her lecture, either check out her videos or check out her book tour because she may be coming your way. I’m so excited for you to get a taste of Gabby  if you’re new or get a tune up of all things Gabby if you’re a Gabby connoisseur as I am. In this conversation I asked what I’d been dying to ask Gabby as well as questions sent in by you. Enjoy every moment of this very special podcast episode I adore.


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My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“We are all called to step up & be loud, the form is irrelevant.”

“Your  purpose is telling your story of how you change your thoughts to love.”

“My purpose is to heal & share how I heal.”

“Messages come in symbols that resonate with you.” 


The light you admire in others is a direct reflection of the light that is within you and the negative things you dislike are also a reflection of a quality within you. If you can see more oneness and less separateness, then it is easier to be happier.

Links we mention:

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Free gifts from Gabby here!
My book review of Miracles Now!
My May Cause Miracles Book review from last year!  

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My post on Super Soul Sunday! 

Follow her on Facebook!
Her website!
My podcast with her best friend Micaela Ezra that we reference!

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