Let It Go To Let It Flow

10509551_575554232550331_1894790252947796191_nIn the true Wellness Wonderland spirit of radical authenticity, let’s get real. Want to know the REAL reason last week I ended the season of my podcast, WWRadio last week ?

I had to. And it was terrifying  for me to do.

What you probably know…

-My weekly podcast has been my favorite thing I’ve ever created.  I get so much joy from all the people I’ve had the opportunity to talk to.

-This platform allowed me to dive deep during what was often my very first conversation with people. Instead of breaking the ice with chat about the weather or our jobs I get to ask personal question I’m curious about right away like what they eat and what they do when they wake up and go to sleep.

- I’ve gotten to speak with some radical experts on some awesome subjects like:

Money | Food | Diet | Health | Relationships | Periods | Yoga | Water | Business | Parenting |

 Entrepreneurship | Sleep | Emotional Eating   and even | Acne.

-I met: (what have now become) old best friends , second mamas,  new best friendsolder sisters,  personal coaches,  mentors, and deep spiritual teachers.

-I spoke with my coachesidolized gurus (& even their moms) and the podcast host who inspired my show in the first place.

-I got to have candid conversations with famous film makers and best-selling authors.

What you may not know…

- How much time and energy goes in to the production. I love every second of it and it worth every ounce of time, but it takes up a lot of bandwidth in my WW-land.

-That I have many podcasts recorded on my computer waiting to be edited and interviews on my calendar waiting to be recorded.

-That being said, the podcast will absolutely be back & better & bigger than ever. (Just wait until you see this line up… I mean… )

-I love interviewing too much to ever stop completely. (phew!)

-I’m letting go of the podcast for right now to create space for some exciting new projects for YOU. Including but not limited to completing my book, expanding my mentoring practice, hosting live lectures, and you tell me…sky’s the limit. Let me know below what you would like to see from me.

10306180_10152498497767702_9223121220676564692_nWhere does WWRadio go from here…

…no where. It’s here for you in the nice neat archive I’ve created. Take the summer off to catch up on inspiration and dive back into old episodes you remember feeling super inspired from.

Today I leave you with this question, where can you let go to create something new? Something bigger? Something creative? It might even be somewhere you love that you weren’t expecting and it might even be tough to do. Let’s chat below, but first, one more thing.

I’m going to OUT a major fear I’ve been having.

Truth be told, my biggest fear when taking this podcast-atus? That you’d forget about me.  That you’d find another amazing Podcast like this or this that I also really love and then WWRadio wouldn’t be part of your nightly routine, commute, or walks anymore. I’m doing the inner work and practicing what I preach and coaching myself that this is completely false and that you’ll be there waiting for me when I’m back and better than ever with more content for you again. (I welcome reassurance in the comments though, just saying…)

Thanks for giving me this space.
Love you guys,

ps. more on surrendering.  

To Be Continued…

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Fresh week, fresh meanderings. Hope you had a great weekend, ease into your week by exploring the links below and catch up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio which will be returning again in a few weeks for Season 3,  but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my weekend & below are  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week and I’ve a new playlist for you. Sending love to you from my WW-land to yours.

-Last week I ended  season 2 of my podcast, WWRadio last week with a bang. Have you heard the episode yet?

-Fix your period and hormones for good with past WWRadio guest Nicole Jardim’s self-study AMAZING 8-week course that launches TODAY! Must check this out.

-I’m proud of this interview with me on the Fresh Eats Radio. It was cool being in the hot seat for a change and telling my story.

-Nostalgic? Here’s a time machine!  You’ll dig this.

-Tips to be more confident from WWRadio alumni Alex Beadon

-Listen to Nicole’s episode here!

-Hunger and Fullness Diet so good. Don’t get caught in this mindful eating trap. Even thought I love mindful eating as seen in this post! 

-Post about the art of surrendering 

-Photos of Motherhood, pretty and make me miss my mama.

-Speaking of motherhood, check out my favorite soon to be mama’s fitness plan during pregnancy.

-Guide to cool gym gear. 

-Pop-quiz! what’s your yoga style?

-Sleep makes you healthier!

-TED talk on Gratitude

-Regardless of your politics, this photo is the best

-6 ways to be in a good mood!

My Top Five romantic comedies ever! What are yours?

{1} Serendipity
{2} Happy Thank You More Please
{3} 500 Days of Summer
{4} Love Actually
{5} How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

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Season 2 FINALE WWRadio 054 | Susan Spivak

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 9.40.32 PMThis week we end Season 2 of WWRadio and go out with a bang. I talk to an inspiring lady who is a creative artist and jewelry maker, she’s so creative in fact that she even created one of the most famous spiritual teachers of our time, Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby’s mom Susan Spivak is in Wonderland talking about everything from cultivating creativity, finding the right relationship to what it was like raising Gabby. She is infinitely wise and a deeply spiritual woman that taught me an abundance of tools and techniques for high vibe living  in our conversation. You’ll enjoy all the wisdom she shares and love her stories about Gabby as a kid and growing up. I know you’ll be infinitely inspired by this episode so much so, that it will keep you inspired while WWRadio is on hiatus for a little while. In the mean time, go back through the archive and relisten to your favorite episodes and make sure you’re all caught up before I return with tons of new inspiring content and episodes for Season 3! I also want to thank you guys for giving me this time and space to complete my forthcoming book and concentrate on additional projects. Your love and support of the podcast has been so amazing and I’m beyond grateful. I love you for listening and enjoy the heck of of this episode.

 Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“When I serve I feel like I am healed.”  

“Breathe with the fact that you’re not your feelings.” 

  “The path is within you & every moment is unique.” 

 “Set yourself up for creativity to come through you.” 


-When it comes to raising children with spiritual beliefs or wellness practices just be the example. Surround them with the practices that are important to you by simply doing them.

-Wherever you go seek a like minded community of people locally how share your beliefs and ideas and new unique ideas that can inspire you. You can do this on a large scale too with social media which makes it easier than ever to connect with cool people regardless of geographic location. -Go within to find your inspiration. Every moment is different.


-Susan’s Store | Twitter | Instagram
-WWRadio episode with Susan’s daughter Gabby 
-Susan’s Angel Rings
-My Top 5 Tip’s from Miracles Now Gabby’s newest book. 
-Gabby’s Course Finally Full & 10 ways it helped me. 

- Listen to this podcast on Simplecast!

-Like the show? Leave a comment or question for me or our guest below. Also, it would be awesome if you could leave an iTunes review when you have a second too (just launch the iTunes application to get it to work).

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New Week, New Meanderings

viewer viewer-1 viewer-2 viewer-5 viewer-3

Fresh week, fresh meanderings. You know the drill there are some awesome inspiring links below but before you get to those, if you have not already, please subscribe by entering your email to the left because I have some MAJOR WW-land announcements I will be sharing via email in the next week or so. In the meantime this week, I’ll be producing  a brand new WWRadio episode  Wednesday  but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my weekend & below are some of  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week and I’ve even got a new playlist for you. Sending love to you from my WW-land to yours. Have a great week.

-I’m proud of this interview with me on the Fresh Eats Radio. It was cool being in the hot seat for a change and telling my story.

-Beautiful post on Monday’s from Erin + another one from her on Mornings that I love.

-Capricorn Full Moon 

-Last week’s WWRadio with Jenny Sansouci was so good. 

-Do you follow me on YouTube yet? you totally should! 

-Catch up on all episodes here.

-Body Image Motivation from IFD 

-Want more body image and FOOD hang up releasing help? HERE ARE 10 WAYS

-Check out this Summer Detox! 

-10 ways to make walking more exciting! 

-Fix your hormones & period for good. omg. Free training from my WWRadio podcast guest Nicole Jardim!

-How yummy does this ‘rice’ look? 

-My friend Carly’s NEW e-book finally launched! It is called Already Healed and the consensus is that it is already amazing.

-Super awesome inspiring video.  

-WWRadio episode with Daniel Vitalis 

-Cauliflower rice 

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vibe-criticIn this week’s WWRadio I talk to my Healthy {girl} Crush, Jenny Sansouci about health, spirituality, music, Gabby Bernstein, eating out, and more. My friend Jenny lives in a high vibe Wellness Wonderland of her own. Basically, she’s just awesome. I swear every post she writes from her Instagram to her blog speaks right to my soul. She’s the publisher of HealthyCrush.com a widely successful blog that is actually one that inspired me to start Wonderland back.  She’s a health coach for Dr. Frank Lipman and a  graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with a certificate in Food Therapy from the Natural Gourmet Institute. She sends out a rad weekly email called Healthy Highs, providing the most life-enhancing, vibe-raising resources she can find. Everything she does is cool, but my favorite part of Jenny Sansouci is following her adventures in high-vibe-land on Instagram, she uses insta as a mini blog chronicling her life seeking out healthy highs throughout her day. Her unique authentic, oh so real voice shines through every post & her advice on her blog has greatly impacted me personally from grounded break-up advice to advice on decluttering to breakfast advice and recipes, she’s got a little of it all over on Healthy Crush and she shares many of her current healthy crushes and high vibe tips in this episode from everything from food to creativity.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“You don’t have to figure it all out, believe in guidance.” 

“Everything gets written that needs to be written.” 

“Even if it’s been a while, trust that your creativity will come back.” 

“Set yourself up for creativity to come through you.”


-Use  music as a way to feel your feelings so you can release them. Sometimes we think we need to mend the situation immediately, when in reality we actually need to feel it fully and then be in a better state to be able to react to it. Feel the feeling and then ask for guidance for what you really need to do.

-CAUTION: don’t wallow in the negative emotion. Feel it for 90-seconds and then move through it and let it go.

-Start a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday that are different each day. Better yet start a gratitude chat with friends and send your gratitude list to them to help hold each other accountable.


-Jenny’s Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
-Her Spotify 

-Hu Kitchen 
-Barry’s Boot Camp
-Elizabeth Gilbert
-Her yummy soup recipe omg. it’s so good.
-Paleo egg muffin recipe 

- Listen to this podcast on Simplecast! 

-Like the show? Leave a comment or question for me or our guest below. Also, it would be awesome if you could leave an iTunes review when you have a second too (just launch the iTunes application to get it to work).


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