46595_607381535958506_2087789799_nI’ve never met someone who loves what they do as much as Danielle Paige. She is talented and knowledgable in her field of Astrology, but it is her passion that impresses me. She’s a Healer and a Spiritual Life Coach who works with both men and women to help guide them on their journey. What makes her unique is her ability to integrate her logic with her intuition. While she does this heady spiritual work now, she didn’t start off this way. As you’ll hear in the episode she has a masters in interior design and architecture and had a successful career doing that until she decided to follow her passion doing what she loves, working with astrology, her true purpose.  I knew basically nothing about astrology other than that I was a Taurus prior to meeting her but her knowledge and ability to explain the facts to me in a story allowed me to use astrology to my advantage and deepen my self awareness to get closer to my true purpose in life. You’ll love this episode even if you’re not into astrology because we talk about intuition, meditation, and energy clearing as well. Enjoy this rad lady.

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Notes from my announcements:
-Check out astrology & consider getting your birth chart done.
-Soulover program 
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Notes from the show:
-Her favorite movie Sliding Doors 

-Danielle’s Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

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“Astrology is a tool to help people heal their soul.”
“We can’t change unless we’re aware.”
Danielle Paige makes Astrology a story.


-When you pick up people’s energy take a salt bath to cleanse it.
-Before you go somewhere that will have a lot of charged energy sit down and imagine yourself in a bubble of light, this will protect you from any energy you don’t want to pick up. Imagine this energy protecting you.
-Carry crystals with you to protect your energy. Amethyst is best for protecting energy. (Must be touching our skin.
-We are responsible for our own energy. When you pick up other people’s energy you may need to cut an energetic cord from them and say, “I cut the cord and send the energy back to them in the form of love.”

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Lena Dunham, Food, Body Image, & Role Models

Special edition episode where Isabel Foxen Duke and I riff on the food and body section of Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl. We get into body image, food, and how women are usually portrayed in the media and how Lena Dunham’s work is instrumental in shifting this.

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-Buy the book, Not That Kind of Girl.
-My thoughts on the book post here.
-Podcast Episode with Isabel Foxen Duke
-Stop fighting Food with IFD
-the amazing trailer of Fatitude that IFD mentioned
-Isabel’s ode to the “medium sized woman” in the media on Huff Post

-Struggle with this stuff?  Info on WWCoaching with me!

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Lena Dunham is making visible an issue that most women silently struggle with, #BodyImage.

Thanks @lenadunham for bringing awareness to body positivity. @isabelfoxenduke & @katiedalebout discuss #notthatkindofgir


-When you find yourself counting calories even when you don’t want to, actively stop yourself by thinking about anything but food.
-Keep in mind that celebrities are first entertainers and role models second. While they bring attention to these deep rooted body image issues most women struggle with in silence in and that is great, they do not aim to teach they are simply sharing their often flawed experience of being products of our society.

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I’m ‘Not That Kind of GIRL’ either Lena…

It’s no secret by now but I love me some Lena Dunham. I think she is the most humble & authentic artist of our generation. As much as I love personal growth, wellness, and spirituality I love me some fiction & art equally as much. In fact, I think it is important and as I spoke with my friend Elle on this podcast fiction and storytelling IS important for personal growth.

So since today is the premiere of Season 4 of Lena’s creation GIRLS I thought it would be a timely day to share my notes on why I loved her memoir/ advice book, Not That Kind of Girl.

  I loved Not That Kind of Girl for a couple reasons:

  1. It makes my journaling better because reading a memoir makes me more comfortable writing in vivid detail about the seemly insignificant events and happenings in my life.

  2. By reading about the events and circumstances from Lena’s life and childhood as someone from my generation, I can not only relate, but use what she drew attention to as an inspiration to acknowledge the events that have impacted me without me being aware.

  3. It makes me feel like I’m not alone in my weirdness, struggles, awkwardness, and imperfections since someone from my generation has vocalized what we all go through in our own unique ways.

  4. Since she shared her story at the level of raw honesty she did, it gives me permission and inspires me to share with that same level of authenticity too.

  5. She is talented at being extremely self-aware of the gravity of the experiences she’s having almost simultaneously to going through them.

I’m gratefulnot_that_kind_of_girl_by_lena_dunham_WEB for Lena Dunham for her authenticity, her voice, and her bravery to portray our generation in the media. Is it all true for me personally? No, but I can relate to 80 percent of what she writes about by experience or through witnessing it in people I’ve know or encountered & the other 20 percent makes for great entertainment.

Here are a few more things related to this topic:

-Review I liked of the book.

-If you read it and you were wondering who the character of Nellie was as much as I was when I read it, I’ll save you some googling. Here you go. I had to stop drop and google as soon as I read that part too like I was Curious George.

-Isabel Foxen Duke & I made a video which will be out soon about the food & body image part of the book.  For now check out this amazing video she did that makes me love her even more.

– If you too are “Not that Kind of Girl” like Lena & I and want support from GIRLS email me about my mentoring program, I don’t know you might be into it or might hate it.


Introducing MONTHLY Meanderings + More!

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Welcome back to another week in Wonderland! So allow me to address the elephant in the room which is that my website has changed a bit. We got some new photos and some new pages including:
-and coaching.
Check them out and tell me what you think! In the spirit of the new year and positive change here are a few more things that will be a bit different in WW-Land in 2015. As you guys know I love producing content for you, whether it is Monday Meanderings, New Podcast Episodes, and most of all Video content. So each week you can expect 1 of the 3 in your inbox either a new podcast, video, or meanderings. Sound good? It is going to be a rad year for all of us. Happy New Year Guys. This is our year!

Without further ado below are my meanderings of the internet over the past bit. If you’re new to me basically Meanderings are a list of inspiration I’m loving lately & above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so. Have fun exploring. & Keep in touch with me on Facebook & INSTAGRAM (my favorite places to hang) until we meet back here in WW-land next week.

-Top 5 Ways to Remix your resolutions. 

-Speaking of My big new year’s resolution this year is HYDRATION. I’m focusing on drinking a ton of water and participating in this challenge. Want to join?

-Speaking of cool challenges, one of my amazing clients and friends who runs the amazing blog Body Brave is hosting this New Year, Love You Challenge you’ve got to check out. I’m super loving it.

-Wow, grateful to be one of Amy Loves. picks for 2014 favs! She said some super flattering words about me…I’m blushing now. 

-An interview with me on Holistic Spaces about everything from Food to Feng Shui check it out! and Anji Cho with be on my WWRadio podcast any day now! Get excited to get some grounded Feng Shui tips and tricks from this holistic space guru.

-An interview I did on the Simple Daily Practice Podcast, listen here. 

-More on my story if you haven’t read this one yet.  My most popular post to date.

-If you resonate with my story or work at all. Perhaps check out my coaching program. I have a few spots left in the new year. Here is info on my program, it is rad and I just love it so much.

-A must read about how fat people are portrayed in the media. 

-One of my favorite lectures of all time with Danielle LaPorte so much inspiration in this one. Enjoy!

-I’m super interested inTranscendental Meditation do you have any experience with it? I’m thinking 2015 is the year I try it. How about you?

-Just getting started with meditation or curious about trying? I got you. Here’s a video I made about getting started. 

-Best Lessons of WWRadio. Speaking of did you like the most recent episode? It was so great! Probably my most serious and powerful one yet with Dr. Joy Jacobs. Listen here. 

-They are the cutest and offer so many cool things! 

-6 Psychological Hangups preventing you from having Good Sex –> loved this article by Stefani Ruper who I’m proud to say with will a guest on WWRadio soon! Stay tuned! You’ll LOVE that episode. I did. Get obsessed with her, I am.

Until next time, couple things:
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Love you all,
PS. A playlist for you.

EPISODE 061 | Dr. Joy Jacobs

Today’s episode is very heavy & very special. I was touched by the gravity of what this conversation. Dr. Joy Jacobs is a clinical psychologist, coach, and author specializing in issues related to eating, weight management, and body image. Her interest in the intersection between health, beauty, fashion, and popular culture led her to this specialty. She is a rare combo since most professionals and researchers specialize in either eating disorders or obesity but not both. She makes the poignant point in the episode that public health campaigns fighting obesity are often heard to by those who don’t need those messages and they can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. She also discusses how while there are many campaigns surfacing promoting body positive messages at the same time more eating disorders are developing in young children by mirroring the behaviors of dieting parents who are products of the massively prevalent dieting culture in our society. We discuss these issues and more including how spirituality comes into play in healing these issues. Joy is super smart and has been cited in many national publications, including Elle, US News and World Report, and the Today Show, on the issues of eating disorders, body image, weight management and related topics. So excited for your thoughts on this episode please leave them below.

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Notes from my announcements:
-Stay kind to yourself throughout this season of giving.
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Notes from the show:
-Podcast Episode with Christy Harrison 
-Podcast Episode with Isabel Foxen Duke
-Dr. Joy’s favorite song Snatam Kaur – Chattr Chakkr Vartee

-Dr. Joy’s Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“I’ve seen kids as young as 8 in my office with full blown disorders.”
“Do you want to be remembered for size 0 jeans or what you did in life?” 
“It’s almost easier to heal eating disorders in kids because the parents can help.” 


-Can’t take ownership of the successes or failures of your clients, you can’t take that on.
-Find a tribe and help if you think you have issues with eating even if it feels scary. We were not meant to be on the earth alone.
-You have to walk through the fear and do it anyways. Expose yourself to what is scary and do it.
-Journaling can be the first step to healing and getting honest with yourself.

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