GIVEAWAY+Super Meanderings

10838698_737359549663324_62348534_n 10817685_855749391113214_1096057250_n 10852718_1523292661259882_892025180_n 10843847_364717113698344_1849301856_nHappy Monday Wonderland. Before we get into today’s rad meanderings. I have something extra special for you. A CONTEST. Here’s the deal.

unnamed-1I’m giving away the SkinAgain product I’ve been loving. SkinAgain is an all natural vegan skin care line that I got to try this month, their products YouthRescueReliefVanish are rad.  With the upcoming holidays approaching, it’s a good time to try something new and even better to share a GIFT with you!
To enter simply share your favorite wonderland Instagram post with someone who hasn’t visited Wellness Wonderland yet. Tag them on one of my posts and then comment below this post letting me know you did it. I’ll be announcing the winner on Facebook on Wednesday so be sure to check there.

And now back to regularly scheduled meanderings. You know the drill, above are my Insta-glimpses & below are the links inspiring me this week. Enjoy!

-Stop comparing yourself to other people yesterday. 

-Check it out I’m in the newest issue of Mantra Yoga magazine! Pick up a copy and find me discussing how my practice has changed over time. 

-Loved this TED Talk about travel & stillness. 

-Love this holiday video from this week’s WWRadio podcast guest Tata Harper.

-Speaking of, did you like the episode with Tata?

-Did you like the episode of WWRadio with Natalie? Have you seen her Conquer Club yet? Gotta check out how rad this is for any budding entrepreneurs.   

-Another rad interview with past WWRadio guest Jordan Back. So good. 

-Heal your relationship with food by choosing love over fear.  –> if you liked this article the way I was able to do that was through Gabby Bernstein’s course Finally Full.  Check out my experience and key learnings from it here.

-I’m in love with this lecture of Gabby’s. It is probably one of my top 10 favs of her’s. Watch/listen to it here. 

-Still loving this 30-Day Fearless Challenge I’m hosting with Breakfast Criminals.

-My podcast with Erin Stutland. + check out Shrink Session if you want to know the only way I love moving basically.




Do you guys what to know a secret about this week’s episode? It was recorded over a year ago but I realized I hadn’t released it and found this gem of an interview with Tata Harper on my computer. It was too good not to share and all the information we talk about is just as relevant today as it was a year ago. In fact, I think it is the perfect time to air this episode about holistic all natural skin care and Tata’s amazing skin care line with holiday gift season in full swing. It might be the perfect time to gift yourself something from her amazing line. We don’t just talk about skin care in this episode, in fact most of the episode is about entrepreneurship and how she started her company and manages being the mother of three while also running a huge business. Tata makes it all look easy and this way she designs her life is really inspiring. I know you’ll love this interview and getting to know Tata with me and if you have any questions leave them below and if this episode inspires you onto an entrepreneurial path check out last week’s guest Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Club. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM


Notes from my announcements:
-Stay kind to yourself throughout this season of giving.
-Yay! DONATE TO THE SHOW!   | Amazon link
-Natalie’s Conquer Club  for budding entrepreneurs like Tata. 
Notes from the show:
-Tata Harper Skin Care
-Love this Holiday Inspired Video with Tata and her team. 

-Tata’s Website | Twitter | FacebookYouTube

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“You have to have complete passion for the business for it to work.”

“All women deserve to feel beautiful.”

“Our skin gets 1/3 of the nutrients from our food.” 


-Make sure you REALLY love the business you create because without that passion and drive it will never work.
-What you put on your skin is only part of the equation. What we eat makes the difference. Make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need in the food you’re eating because our skin gets 1/3 of all the nutrients from the food we eat.
-Eat an abundance of Keratin rich foods including melon and apricots. Here is a list of them.

 DONATE TO THE SHOW!   | Amazon link

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Brand New Meanderings For Monday

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What’s up guys? How was your weekend? I had not one, but two speaking gigs locally It was so cool meeting some of you from Instagram and podcast listeners. Speaking of a new podcast will be coming out this week. Get Excited.

As always here are a couple links to meander & above are my Insta-glimpses from the week. Have fun exploring:

-I’m SUPER excited about this December 30-Day Fearless Challenge I’m part of with Breakfast Criminals and many of my favorite.

-My podcast with Erin Stutland. + check out Shrink Session if you want to know the only way I love moving basically.

-Did you like the last episode of WWRadio with Natalie? Have you seen her Conquer Club yet? Gotta check out how rad this is for any budding entrepreneurs.   

-Look the podcast was featured in her favorites for October! 

-Feminism and Eating Disorders 

-Soup in a pumpkin. omg.cool.

-How body image hang ups make sex suck. 

-Really smart article I enjoyed on feminism and eating disorders. 

-A cool article by my friend and past WWRadio guest Christy Harrison about keeping live creature in your tummy for health. 

-My latest article on TheBeautyBean remix your holiday to-do list. Check it out! 

-“My life isn’t about the size of my waist, but how free I feel in my body.” This article really touched me. So many of us walk around with “fat fear” or “fat phobia” it impacts all sized women and speaks to the flawed system in our society which caters to thin privilege fueling this fear. In my opinion eff-ed up. Sarah Jenks is on point with this beautiful post.

10852720_669765166470091_1472600248_n-For years I’ve been asking my mentor Gabby Bernstein for MORE inspiration from her & she listened. She launched launched this subscription platform, to get more.  

ps. when you sign up email me your receipt & I will send you a special bonus gift Gabby gave me to send! so email me! xx 

Hang With Me This Weekend! + Katie’s Fav Things Gift Guide


Listen up WW-land I have some cool things to share. This weekend I’m speaking live not once but twice. This is your chance to come and see me. I’m going to be leading two different workshops on how to live and stay in your {WINTER} Wellness Wonderland.

SUNDAY December 7th-Embrace Your Winter Wellness Wonderland Season

I’m speaking at Goddess on the Go Detroit, an amazing event I have attended in the past and loved. Get your tickets here before it sells out (only a few spots left)
Use the code KATIE at check out to get 15 dollars off tickets.


SATURDAY December 6th-Holistic Happy Gifting

I’m speaking at Mill’s Apothecary in Birmingham. This talk will focus on holistic and happy gift buying & keeping the HAPPY in your Holiday experience. Get your tickets here $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Mill’s is such a rad place & one of my favorite local places to shop/be. Check out some of the cool, unique thoughtful gifts they have, I even got to choose my favorite things (just like Oprah). Including but not limited to these:

-Simple Avocado Soap I love. Perfect gift to give yourself.
-This one is just for fun & I don’t own this money burner but they sell the most expensive, biggest, and most beautiful candle I’ve ever seen in my life. Perhaps for the person who has everything?
-Now this is the gift to give to someone who truly has everything. It is a Seaweed Bath Kit. As you know I love me a good bath and this would be a dream in it. Just goes to show the uniqueness of what they have at Mill’s.
-This tea is amazing & Joseph Wesley the founder himself will be there with tea samples too. This is my favorite tea. 

get signed up & join the parties

- This 30 Day Fearless Heart Challenge I’m hosting with a bunch of wellness rockstars on Instagram! Join us by using the hashtag #30DayFearlessHeartChallenge
-Today is day 3 of Erin Stutland‘s  Say It, Sweat It, Get It FREE Challenge where you get a new workout that is only FIVE MINUTES. So fun!
-Today is also WWRadio guest Natalie MacNeil’s World Record Breaking Business Seminar tonight where she’ll guide us to plan our 2015 in style! -Have you signed up ? Here’s the link to Natalie’s Conquer Summit 




Meanderings + Challenges Galore


How was your Thanksgiving? I’m grateful for all of you. Every time I get a message, tweet, Facebook comment I am beaming with pride that the WW-land citizens are the coolest peeps on the internet by far.

The Shrink Session Challenge starts today! As I spoke about in this episode of the Podcast with Shrink Session founder Erin Stutland, this form of exercise completely changed my life. Sometimes I feel like it legitimately was created for me. It combines so many things I love dance, yoga, meditation and best of all saying affirmations out loud.

The best part is that it is simple. You need no equipment, gear, or exercise experience, in fact I think it is ideal when you HATE exercise. That was the case for me. I always thought of exercise as something for punishment. Perhaps this stemmed from being forced to run laps in gym class if you were a “chatty Kathy” like me or being forced to participate in sports you weren’t very good at.

This Say It, Sweat It, Get It FREE Challenge is perfect for getting started because each day you get a new workout that is only FIVE MINUTES. That’s it! We can all for sure do just FIVE MINUTES.

Honestly, if the workouts were any longer than that I don’t know if I would have given them a try but since they were so short I thought why not? And now I’m hooked I do the longer Shrink Session workouts a couple times a week. The difference now is not I’m not exercising to change my body. I am moving to change my mind. As Erin says,

Movement in your body creates movement in your life.

Powerful right? I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. Good ideas while you’re on your yoga mat, happy thoughts after going for a run, or more clarity at work after taking a walk at lunch.

I move more for the mental benefits than the physical ones.

-Who wants to do the challenge with me this week? Let’s all post about our experience on my Facebook page here.

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Here are a couple links to meander too & above are my Insta-glimpses. Have fun exploring:

-I’m SUPER excited about this 30-Day Fearless Challenge I’m part of with Breakfast Criminals and many of my favorite peeps including Tara Stiles & Latham Thomas! 

-My podcast with Erin Stutland. 

-Did you like last week’s episode of WWRadio with Natalie?

-Have you signed up for her season finale of The Conquer Summit yet? It is this Wednesday. Natalie’s Conquer Summit 

-Love this video from one of my favorite movies of all time.

-I’m speaking at this event on SUNDAY December 7th it is an amazing event I have attended in the past, so get your tickets here before it sells out! & use the code KATIE at check out to get 15 dollars off tickets.

-Also speaking at this event at Mill’s Apothecary (super amazing place!) on Saturday December 6th! Get your Tickets here! I can’t wait to see you there.



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