Want to know how to heal a huge pimple holistically? I can tell you from recent personal experience. I thought when better to make a video on this topic than when I had a blemish to heal myself.

In addition to giving you tips, remedies, and products for healing painful breakouts, I spend the beginning of this video discussing something else I’m passionate about: authenticity.

You’ll see the two topics actually fit together nicely since we all put our best face forward on social media and often hide our flaws, while in this video I used my big red FLAW I named Jupiter (yep that’s name I gave my pimple) as an opening to have this conversation about being vulnerable on social media. It’s easy to get trapped in comparison on social media so you must remember that filters aren’t real so don’t compare your vulnerability to someone else’s highlight reel. 

Here are the links to the products & remedies I mentioned in the holistic skin healing portion of the video:

-Imbibe Perfect 9 Oil Blend I love all of this company’s products use the code: code “wellnesswonderland” & get 15%
all one word, no spaces 

-This Tonic Skin Healing Toner I mentioned as well.
-Neem Oil-smells bad works good.
-Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
-Aztec Clay

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PS.. I love making videos so let me know if you guys like this and want to see more of it.



Anjie_83_BAnjie Cho is awesome. I’m so excited to finally welcome her to Wonderland. Since recording this episode she has become a great friend and she even interviewed me a couple times on her site here and here. She is one of the coolest, kindest, and most knowledgable people I’ve ever met. I am fascinated by Feng Shui, minimalism, and interior design and in this episode Anjie uses her vast experience and knowledge to enlighten us on all of that and more. Anjie is a registered Architect, Feng Shui Interior Designer and best selling author of 108 Ways to Create Holistic Spaces: Feng Shui and Green Design for Healing and Organic Homes. Since 1999, she has been creating beautiful and nourishing environments throughout New York City, Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and beyond. There are so many simple yet profoundly impactful tips shared in the episode and I’m so excited to hear how you implement them in your lives. Let us know.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM


Notes from my announcements:
-Check out her new book that I love. 
-Win a copy of Anjie’s book by leaving a review on iTunes.
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-Coaching with me! Apply here! 

Notes from the show:
-Our mutual friend Sacha’s Fire Water Recipe
-Her amazing store.  I want everything.

-Anjie’s Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“Architecture is art you can walk in.”
“Our living space is a manifestation of what’s on the inside.” 
“Rearrange your room, rearrange your life.” 
“Doing one good deed a day can change your life.”


-Feng Shui is about seeing your environment for creating the best flow of energy.
-Sometimes external changes can inspire internal changes in your life.
-Clutter creates stagnation in your life. However, having too little in your life can be too Yin and too minimal symbolizes death. Find a happy medium.
-When you look at an object- if it doesn’t make you feel great, get rid of it, no questions asked.
-If you’re overwhelmed by clutter, take a timer and set it for 9 minutes (a number that symbolizes completion) and declutter for 9 minutes a day or a weekend. Or let go and get rid of 9 things a day. Make it an enjoyable experience.
-Burners represent prosperity so try to use them at least once a day to activate your prosperity. Also, actively try to use a different burner each time to activate more earning opportunities.
-Keep your wallet organized and put the highest bills in front. Treat your money well and honor it so more can come in.
-Best place to start is in the bedroom since it is so connected to you.

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Fav Holiday + 4 FAVES + NEW Podcast On Love & Food

Screen-Shot-2013-11-20-at-6.38.09-PMEvery year I share that I love this holiday. Here are some vintage posts where I’ve explained this.  It’s my absolute favorite holiday the 14th of February is  responsible for getting me through this bitter cold season.

Today I thought I’d share some Valentine’s Day themed things I’m loving lately, how’s that sound?

K let’s do it.

1. Gabby Bernstein’s Fearless Relationships Course-

It really changed things for me when it comes to relationship dynamics. She talks about family relationships, career relationships, and then romantic relationships and let me tell you it blew my mind. Here’s Info on this course.  Two main lessons I’ll just share now though.

  1. “We create separation in relationships. Seeing ourselves as better than or less than. Making someone special putting 1381580_10151968308868707_597975826_nthem on a pedestal making them better than another friend or family member or better than ourselves. This is constantly changing.” I used to do this with romantic partners and family members & friends al the time. You too?
  2. “When you are healing your energy, you may be attracted to the partner who will bring up all your stuff to be healed not necessarily the perfect partner right away because that’s not going to be attractive to you from that place.” Fascinating right?
  3. “The more you love your life, the more attractive you’ll be. Make your romantic relationships more brotherly and your friendships more romantic. Not using one person or one relationship to fill you up completely.” so good!

1e18805fe1b2bccd3901f41a38f08efa2. My podcast chat with my friend Christy Harrison about Food & relationships.

Just trust me on this it’s one hell of a fascinating conversation on Food Psych. Spoiler alert: Food & Relationships are super intertwined…Could you guess that?

3. Next thing I’m inspired by is my skin care line.

Yep. I’m obsessed with having spa-like evenings with myself where I slowly get ready for bed. I wash my face with the perfect 9 oil blend from this line & usually take a bath.

1966729_673190959453324_6346520083192854791_n As you may know as a long time reader, I used to struggle a ton with my skin. I had pretty terrible acne and tried everything from food to harsh chemicals & then finally found my way with making my own products and washing my skin with hemp oil. This worked for a while but lately as I get older I have felt like pampering my skin a bit more is the way to go. Then I found this amazing line that makes products I WOULD make if I had time. They are made with high quality oils, essential oils, and um even pearl powder omg. Just check em out. You may or my not get obsessed like I did and give yourself facials all the time.

Skin Care heaven. Check it out Imbibe’s Site

3. Last but not least Treat Yo Self.

We all need a reminder to do that sometimes. Whether it is treating yourself to a pedicure or a massage or that personal growth thing you’ve been wanting to do but don’t think you have time or the yoga class or the ukulele lesson, whatever we all need reminders to treat ourselves with care. If you need a reminder of that TREAT YO SELF to my best friend’s prints or mug or if you already treat YO-Self well then get her hedgehog mugs and more in her Society 6 shop!

Don’t you worry, we’re working on WellnessWonderland shirts for you coming soon. Get excited. I sure am.

BOTTOM-LINE: Whether you’re part of a couple or a single you can enjoy Valentine’s Day by simply celebrating what you love. This isn’t limited, this can include pets, objects that inspire you, music, routines, and even places. By celebrating what you love in your life you’re saying thank you and by saying thank you you’re saying MORE PLEASE. If you’re never saying thank you to the Universe then the Universe will never know what to give you more of.

Just think if you want a person do more of what they’re doing how do you train them? You THANK them…again…and…again. Same thing with asking the Universe.

By thanking the Universe for what you do have you create more of what you want. 

PS. Need a good movie to watch kinda about this? Watch this one. It is one of my favorites of all time.


NEW February Monthly Meanderings

10421378_673388272766926_965865821055452243_n 10929210_672221486216938_5372750543082474484_n 10968297_674892169283203_3973007679756728141_n 10952269_672984986140588_1478738744055850567_n 10958564_673670829405337_4467845385245792254_nHappy February WW-land. It’s going to be an epic month. How are you liking the new pages on the site?  We’ve got resourcescontactdonate and coaching. Nice organization right? Check them out and tell me what you think!  Without further ado below are my meanderings of the internet over the past month & above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so. Have fun exploring. & Keep in touch with me on Facebook& INSTAGRAM (my favorite places to hang) until we meet back here in WW-land.

-I saw WILD this weekend & loved it! Have you seen it?  Check this out Real women living Wild. 

-New York Times article discussing the benefits of journaling. OMG. That’s what my book’s about! (coming out 2016!!! Get excited)

-yum beet-root dip

-My latest article on Over the Moon Magazine is all about Feeling. 

-Is your period MIA? Check this out. 

-The art of simplicity. This post is so genius. What are your thoughts on this?

-Conversation with my friend Jordan that I loved & got so much out of. We’re cooking up something special and amazing for you guys, coming soon! Until then listen to us riff from last year, in this interview I did with him.

-Looking forward to reading this. 

-See 11:11 a lot? Me too. Here’s what it means. 

-Cannot get enough of pampering myself with this skincare line. omg.  small batch. hand made heaven.

-My latest article on Mind Body Green

-A link to more cool interesting links. 

-8 Things to Stay Healthy in the long cold Winter! 

-Why you should look at photos of women your size or bigger as often as possible. 

-Pleasure empowers you. Amazing wisdom from Danielle LaPorte, drink this article up guys.

-Just finished this ebook that Carly & I read. It was a real mind shifter so you guys should all read this book. It’s not only like $3 on Amazon but it’s a quick read and super informative. 

-WWRadio vintage episode of the week. 





46595_607381535958506_2087789799_nI’ve never met someone who loves what they do as much as Danielle Paige. She is talented and knowledgable in her field of Astrology, but it is her passion that impresses me. She’s a Healer and a Spiritual Life Coach who works with both men and women to help guide them on their journey. What makes her unique is her ability to integrate her logic with her intuition. While she does this heady spiritual work now, she didn’t start off this way. As you’ll hear in the episode she has a masters in interior design and architecture and had a successful career doing that until she decided to follow her passion doing what she loves, working with astrology, her true purpose.  I knew basically nothing about astrology other than that I was a Taurus prior to meeting her but her knowledge and ability to explain the facts to me in a story allowed me to use astrology to my advantage and deepen my self awareness to get closer to my true purpose in life. You’ll love this episode even if you’re not into astrology because we talk about intuition, meditation, and energy clearing as well. Enjoy this rad lady.

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 3.37.44 PM


Notes from my announcements:
-Check out astrology & consider getting your birth chart done.
-Soulover program 
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Notes from the show:
-Her favorite movie Sliding Doors 

-Danielle’s Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram

My favorite lines & nuggets of wisdom: YEP THEY’RE TWEETABLES…Just click right on ‘em!

“Astrology is a tool to help people heal their soul.”
“We can’t change unless we’re aware.”
Danielle Paige makes Astrology a story.


-When you pick up people’s energy take a salt bath to cleanse it.
-Before you go somewhere that will have a lot of charged energy sit down and imagine yourself in a bubble of light, this will protect you from any energy you don’t want to pick up. Imagine this energy protecting you.
-Carry crystals with you to protect your energy. Amethyst is best for protecting energy. (Must be touching our skin.
-We are responsible for our own energy. When you pick up other people’s energy you may need to cut an energetic cord from them and say, “I cut the cord and send the energy back to them in the form of love.”

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